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Waterproof LED Post Lamp Garden LightOutdoor Solar LED Lights Garden Crystal GlassSolar Powered Sensor Waterproof OutdoorSolar Powered Pillar Light With Ball FeatureHigh quality aluminum vintage antique standingLatest Outdoor Garden Main Gate Post

Generally, lighting systems should be used to provide lighting for an area, park or even exterior of buildings, but since the beauty of the environment is also important, choosing the type of lighting system is also important, so companies have different types of lighting. They have manufactured solar powered sensor light in different models. Plastic materials such as polycarbonate and polyacrylic are used which have good abrasion resistance and environmental protection. Stay with us …

Waterproof LED Post Lamp Garden Light

black garden lamp post are one of a kind of manufactured lamps that have a different character and are designed specifically for parks. These types of lights are produced by pillar light suppliers in different sizes, colors, shapes and functionalities. Park lights are made of stainless steel, aluminum dioxide, ethylene plastic, which makes them strong and waterproof and dustproof. With these features, you can safely use park lights. Most garden lights are resistant to rain and snow.

The most common features of all types of garden lights:

1. Available custom color LED lights

2. Their long life and durability

3. Optimum light and intensity and proper playback

4. Their unique beauty and design

5. Remote control and use with mains, remote and battery

6. Inserts that can be installed on a low-power lamp.

The lighting and lighting of recreational centers and parks are very important in the present age. When the sun starts to set, the city lights slowly illuminate. With the right lighting and lights in the parks, you can turn parks into safe and pleasant places. A good daylight illuminates the parks and provides good visual comfort at night, and makes the parks more attractive. But when choosing a landscape light pole, it should be noted that they also have good quality and technical specifications. By using different types of park lights you can make the parks attractive and attractive, thus boosting tourism and economic development while also saving energy. You can easily select and purchase the light you need by reading the material provided.

Outdoor Solar LED Lights Garden Crystal Glass

Park Solar Lights or Solar Lights make up a wide range of lighting products that are highly versatile, and you can choose one of these models to suit the location you are going to use. Use them in your backyard, villa, or open area around your home. These lights usually work in two ways, either with the electricity of the city that this model has been used for many years or with the sunlight nowadays used by the solar lamps and saving the use of these lights. Reduces power consumption and reduces the need for heavy electrical energy to provide lighting for the premises.

Since these days it is a hot topic for all energy companies, so all companies are turning to products that produce the most light with the lowest energy consumption and use them to save electricity. One way is to use solar or solar courtesyards that use the infinite energy of sunlight to illuminate different spaces. These lights come in a variety of colors and top models and are one of the key elements in the design and lighting of space.

We’ve seen solar panels mounted on steel bars for many years in parks, passageways, roads and wherever they need light or electricity, free energy available, none of you because of the sun It does not cost, so solar-powered lights may be used in places where solar power can be supplied, but the equipment needed to store solar energy may be a little expensive, but in many cases it is economically feasible. To use this equipment for lighting or anything else. When it comes to costing us energy, then we choose the best solutions when consuming energy, in most standard lighting systems that use solar energy to produce light used by LED lamps because they consume The low light bulbs give us more light throughout the night.

Solar or solar park lights are products that are used to illuminate areas such as parks, passages, roads, gardens, villas, courtyards, villas, etc. They actually absorb the sun’s energy during the day and then Throughout the night, this stored energy is converted into light and illuminates the environment. Solar lights have batteries of different capacities that the higher the battery life they are, the more energy they absorb and illuminate for a longer period of time. They do not allow the battery to drain completely and crash, especially on days when it is raining and the sun does not absorb energy.

The amount of exposure to sunlight at night depends on the amount of light absorbed and stored during the day, so it is important to install these lights so that they are fully exposed to light. These lights are made in different sizes and sizes with aluminum or polycarbonate body and are very economical to use and can give the space a unique and unique look.

Solar Powered Sensor Waterproof Outdoor

Solar lights are suitable for gardens, and villas where wiring is unavailable or out of power; however, many tend to use these products, which are modern, despite the need for easy wiring and installation. Automation and the use of clean energy also influence their choice.

If you have used solar lights, you know their shelf life. The lack of waterproofing of most inexpensive models is another problem with these types of lights which makes it difficult to use them outdoors. If you also want to buy solar lights that do not have these problems, you have to spend a lot. But there is a better solution that results in a durable, low-cost product: making solar lights with copper LED strands and solar panels.

The use of copper-coated threads extends both the life of the solar light and the waterproofing properties. One of the most important techniques we use to make solar lights is to put LED strips in the glass that reduces the vulnerability of the strands. With this technique you can easily put the weeds in any space (even the garden) and not worry about damage.

To attach the solar panel to the lamp body we use an adapter made with 3D printing. You can, of course, use other parts to make solar lights instead of this adapter or make it in another way.

Solar Powered Pillar Light With Ball Feature

The distinctive feature of solar park lamps in the category of yard and park lamps is that they no longer need more cost and energy for wiring because they do not require electricity. For example, in places where electricity is unavailable, solar lights can be used to provide outdoor lighting, which is also economically feasible. Other features of these lights are easy to carry because they do not require wiring so they can be easily moved from one place to another. In short, solar lights have the following features:

  • They do not need electricity so they save energy
  • Available in all areas including parks, villas, crossings, backyards and more.
  • Due to the lack of connection to the power system and the lack of wiring, it is easy to move
  • Save light during the day and create light during the night
  • Environmental protection and easy to use
  • These lights are also easily fitted in some models

Solar lights are designed to be made of solar panels to illuminate the panels, which are assembled from solar cells to form a panel that is exposed to sunlight. In the cell during the day. During the night, the energy stored in the battery turns on. As the sky lights up, the projectors or solar lights go out and the energy-saving operation resumes. Batteries for solar lights are replaceable and easy to install. The abundance of solar energy along with being free is the most important advantage of using solar energy.

It is still possible to develop and deploy renewable energy technology and use it cheaper and more efficiently. In the figure below you will see a solar panel, which is actually one of the main elements of solar lights, but each light can be smaller or larger depending on its size. The amount of pollution caused by this energy is much less than fossil fuels in the manufacture of cells and panels and their displacement can be reduced. In addition, solar power can be used in most remote areas without the electricity grid infrastructure, and maintenance and maintenance processes are simple and easy to update. These reasons allow us to use yard lights safely to provide light for different environments.

High quality aluminum vintage antique standing

High quality aluminum vintage antique standing These types of lamps can also be referred to as courtesy lamps and courtesy lamps. They differ in two or three flames, their base type, and their size. Parks and gardens or gardens have different models, for example two-flame, three-flame, short and long pedestal lights, or even the basic type of lamp. Some parking lights have an aluminum base and some have an iron stand. And their price also varies depending on the base material and the number of flames. The price of a park lamp varies with its size and base. This model of park lamp is also used as street lamp. Of course, they are also known as garden and garden lamps. They can also be referred to as yard and garden lamps.

All kinds of garden lights and parks are made of stainless steel or aluminum dioxide sheets that use these metals in garden and park lights building high resistance to dust, water and insect infiltration so they can be used. It was used safely to provide beauty and lighting for the park, garden and villa.

One of the park lights that has recently entered the competition and has attracted the attention of many customers is the light beams. The body of this lamp is made of polyethylene plastic material, which is very flexible, so the light can easily pass through and create a beautiful image in its installation space, it should also be noted that during Beam rod This model has a variety of park lights, light, which has a great effect on their beauty.

Latest Outdoor Garden Main Gate Post

Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the beauty of the villa, the courtyard of the house and the garden. Customers usually want to use stylish and beautiful elements in addition to providing the lighting of their area, but the choice of a park and courtyard lamp should have technical features. And quality desirable so that they can be used outdoors without worrying about rust and insect infiltration.

Courtyard and courtyard lamps have different types and can have different names depending on their different applications or different heights, for example, ambient and park lamps are called garden lamps if they have short stands and if their stands are The tall ones are called garden lights or park lights, which we will explain below.

Garden Lights: A garden lamp is a lamp designed for use in the backyard, green spaces and gardens that can make the outdoor environment beautiful and luminous. These products also work in a variety of weather conditions such as rainy and snowy weather. They are durable and have a great variety of designs and designs.

A garden lamp usually has low stands because it is not suitable for use in small garden areas and yards and does not look good. You can also integrate a garden lamp in which case The head and base parts are interconnected and can not be detached, or you can purchase the stand individually at the desired height and combine it with your own headlight or head.

A garden lamp can work with a power system that may not be affordable, but you can use a solar garden lamp that does not require wiring and absorbs sunlight during the day. It slows and stores in its battery and uses the energy stored to light the environment as the air darkens.

The garden lamp is usually single-branched and has a short pedestal, which makes this pedestal proportional to the size of the garden plants and gives a beautiful look to your garden or home.

Garden and Park Lights: Park and garden lamps are a variety of courtyard and garden lamps used to provide lighting for parks, gardens, green spaces, and villas. Making the environment so beautiful can also provide outdoor amenities, such as parks or recreational areas, with the use of a variety of park and garden lights to provide security for families and families at night. Also use the parking spaces.

A garden lamp or park lamp usually has a long stand that can be simple or multi-branched, where customers can set their own headlights separately and mount on a stand of the desired shape and height. .

The most important feature of all types of luminous park lights is the following:

  • LED light with custom color
  • Their long life and durability vary in different climates
  • Very light intensity and diffuse light base
  • Outstanding beauty and unique design of all types of lamp base during the day and time of extinguishing
  • Usable with UPS, Remote and UPS battery
  • Handle mountable low power lamp with maximum power of 60 watts in upper part of luminous park lamp

Firefighting Lighting Industries has a variety of products that include park and garden lights, as well as luminaire garden lights. These products are manufactured and marketed in various models with different designs. .

Lighting garden lights are manufactured from 110 to 200 cm in height and have a variety of circular bubbles, pots, cubes, etc. that you can decorate and provide for your garden or home or villa. Use a light garden lamp.

Kinds of garden lights:

  • Parisian model firefly
  • Caspian Lights
  • Tulip Model Lights
  • Luna Model Lights
  • Luminous Romana Model Garden Light

Pearl model and dozens of other models each with their own distinctive features, and you can choose one of your own models depending on your location.

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