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solar home lighting system manufacturers | How to purchase at factory price?

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What are the various solar poducts?Solar home lighting systems for saleWhat are the different parts of solar home lighting systems?How much does it cost to light your home by solar system?Energy effiecient solar lamps for sale cheapChina Solar Home Lighting System Suppliers And WholesalersBest Countries to buy solar systems at cheap price rangeDiscounted solar lights with high quality for exportWho are the biggest importers of solar lights?Most sold types of garden solar lights 2019

who are the solar home lighting system manufacturers? One of the best human inventions is solar energy conversion panels. With solar lights, you can absorb the sunlight needed by the sun at night and light up for 1 to 2 hours. These lights need no wiring or electricity, and you just need to install them in the right place where the sunlight shines. This solar-powered LED light automatically absorbs sunlight and is illuminated by light sensors as soon as the air is darkened. The color of light is white solar or solar light. With this device you can easily save money. Solar-powered lighting systems absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day and then store energy capable of providing daytime lighting throughout the night. be with us to get information about solar home system, solar lighting system projects, solar light and fan price, solar home lighting system price and solar cooker manufacturer.

What are the various solar poducts?

A solar power generation system can generally be defined as a system that converts solar energy into electrical energy through solar cells (photovoltaic materials). In the power grid (power grid: electricity generation, transmission, distribution or consumption of electricity) it may be possible to classify the use of the solar system into four. These four are the solar lighting system, the home solar system, the business center solar system and finally the solar power plant. The following is a brief description of each of these systems.

Solar Lighting System

The next time you take to the street, take a closer look at some flashing traffic lights or light beams. You will notice the small size solar panels on top of them. The solar lighting system has simple components. The task of the solar panel is to convert radiant energy into DC electricity (direct current). The electrical energy of the solar panel is transferred to the charge controller.

Solar Home Project

The voltage characteristics of the Iranian grid at the consumer level is 220V Ac with a frequency of 50Hz. Electricity is available to subscribers at different tariffs, including 15 amp single-phase, 25 amp single-phase, 32 amp single-phase, 25 amp three-phase and so on. At first glance, it seems that supplying such flows with the solar system would have a very high initial cost that may frustrate you (even with the low cost of Iran’s electricity compared to the developed countries, the plan would still have economic justification but may pay the bill in Over a two-month period is more desirable than the heavy initial cost). But this may not be the end point for solar energy for homes in Iran. Solar powered home where there is no global electricity grid can have an economic advantage over other methods, including generator use.

Solar Businesses System

Industry owners may not care much about clean energy consumption in their plants, but using the solar system will save the industry electricity costs.

Solar Power Plant

Perhaps the basis of the Department of Energy’s pricing for solar power could be a good criterion for defining the basis of a solar system’s power plant. The Ministry of Energy’s electricity purchase tariffs divide the solar system into high-capacity 10MW systems, between 100KW to 10MW, between 20KW to 100KW, and ultimately below 20KW. So when we talk about solar power, we have systems with a megawatt capacity. It is natural that solar power plants will only operate during the day. The type of inverters used should be On Grid to meet the requirements of the grid sine wave. The system does not require a battery and a charge controller. One thing to note is the voltage level for the power generation and transmission sector. In order to prevent the loss of power in the transmission of power from the power plants to the consumer, the voltage should be increased by the transmission line voltage (up to 400 kV).

Solar home lighting systems for sale

Another way to use solar energy at home is to generate it at home and import it into the global grid. At first glance, this method is not very different from generating and consuming energy at home, but it should be noted that, as will continue, energy transmission to the grid Instead, it will save the system components as the battery and controller charge will be eliminated, but better inverters (pure sine wave on-grid inverters) should be used. Under these circumstances, the electricity department will connect you separately and each one or two months will pay for the electricity you produce. Further, we will postpone this discussion on the potential regulations for purchasing electricity, its terms and price. Imagine that you would like to supply your home with solar energy. This would allow for two combined power systems for your home. One is a 220Ac 50Hz system that has to power single-phase induction motors in your home, including a refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. And another is a DC system.

What are the different parts of solar home lighting systems?

Solar Power Components

Photovoltaic systems can generally be divided into three main parts:

Solar Panels

This part is actually converting the sun’s radiant energy into electrical energy without mechanical intermediation. The photovoltaic panels that are exposed to the sun are composed of photovoltaic cells. It should be noted that the output voltage and voltage of these panels is DC. These panels are designed to withstand all environmental hardness such as extreme polar cold, desert heat, tropical moisture and high winds. However, these materials are made of glass and can be broken by heavy blows.

Desired power or control unit

This section actually controls all the specifications of the system and injects control over the power output of the panels according to the design and the need for the load or battery. It should be noted that in this section the specifications and the constituent elements vary according to the needs of the electricity, the consumer and the local weather conditions. Therefore, any failure in each section or information about each section can be controlled from the section. It consists of several sub-assemblies or parts including battery, charge controller, MPPT, inverter and control system. Of course, not every consumer will necessarily use all of the aforementioned sections, but according to the specifications and needs of each consumer, the optimum power generation will consist of some of the aforementioned subsectors.

Charging control and load control unit

The main task of this section is to control the charge and discharge of batteries. To maximize their useful life, it consists of a charge and a voltage control unit. The charging section controls the charge status of the batteries in terms of current and input voltage, ambient temperature and electrolyte concentration, and, where necessary, performs the required operation according to the design of the batteries to the system such that the length Extend the service life and allow the consumer to make the most of the available battery capacity. The other part of the task is to regulate and control the discharge cycle of the batteries and to reduce the battery life and burnout.

How much does it cost to light your home by solar system?

Iran and the sun

In Iran, there is an average of 5.5 kWh of solar energy per square meter per day, and we have 300 sunny days on 90% of the country’s soil. Iran has an area of ​​approximately 1,600,000 square kilometers, or about 1.6 x 10 ^ 12 square meters. The daily amount of solar radiation in Iran is: 1.6 * 5.5 * 10 ^ 12 kWh. The total amount of sunlight during the day is approximately equal for Iran. The daily amount of solar radiation in Iran is: 10 ^ 12 * 5.5 * 1.6 kWh. With 9,000,000,000 MWh. If we absorb solar energy from only 1% of Iran’s area and the efficiency of our energy system is only 10%. Again, we can get 9,000,000 MWh of sunlight per day. According to studies by the German DLR, in an area of ​​more than 2000 km2, it is possible to install more than 60,000 MW of solar thermal power plants. If we allocate an area of ​​100 × 100 km2 to the construction of a photovoltaic solar power plant, its electricity production will be equivalent to the country’s total electricity production in 2010.

Is Solar Energy Worth the Investment?

To answer this question, we need to look at the technology used in solar cells and then look at the market.

What is a nuclear power plant?

Although we have seen solar cells progress, in laboratory conditions a single cell can absorb only 46% of the sun’s light, and this number is worse when compared to industrial solar cells. 15% to 20% seems to be a very low number, and we should be a bit lucky during the energy conversion process so that the released electron will eventually move to a new location and not return to its previous location! And the market, unfortunately, is still high for every solar cell! As we look at how a solar power plant operates, you’ll find additional accessories such as inverters, controllers, and batteries, all of which are expensive. You probably say that spending money on this route is not economical! But the ultimate answer to investing in solar power is “yes” because over time, at high speeds, the quality of the solar panels is increasing, and the final cost is also declining, so you can ultimately afford a much more reasonable cost. Keep this investment path safe. And keep in mind, too, that the price of each kilowatt-hour of electricity is increasing every year. The next thing that is very important is the lack of competitors, in our country there is practically no work done and you can be the first private company to provide high quality customer service and take the leading position in this market for many years. .

Energy effiecient solar lamps for sale cheap

A solar lamp is a portable lighting device consisting of an LED lamp, a solar cell, and a rechargeable battery. Exterior lights are used to decorate areas such as the garden, the garden, and the lawn, and the interior is used for main lighting indoors, in which case the solar panel is separate from the lights themselves.

Solar lights are mostly used for decoration and come in many forms, for example sometimes designed in the form of animals. Other common uses of solar lamps include pointing to different paths. When the ambient light is dimmed, these lamps often turn on automatically, though some have a button for switching between automatic and manual mode. They stay lit during the night and their brightness depends on the amount of light they receive during the day, which lasts for an average of 2 to 4 hours. Most solar lights are not as bright as electric lights, but they are an alternative and cheaper way than wires.

China Solar Home Lighting System Suppliers And Wholesalers

Asia and Oceania:

The Chinese and Indian governments have taken steps to stimulate economic growth. The Asia-Pacific region has the largest market share, with India and China benefiting from energy-saving lighting. In addition, LED chips and assembly facilities are available in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The Government of India is committed to developing smart cities with the goal of creating at least 100 smart cities by 2030.

Europe, Middle East and Africa:

The potential market for solar lights in Africa is growing steadily. Europe is the second largest participant in the global solar market in 2015. This market is mainly driven by energy efficiency and renewable energy targets developed by the government that drive the installation of street lights in Europe. Solar street lights account for 40% of the UK’s energy consumption. Therefore, the government combines solar energy and LED lights to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save energy costs.

United States:

Brazil and the United States have the highest demand for solar lights. The US government is heavily developing the energy-saving industry. The cost of LEDs and solar panels has decreased and performance has improved, which has led to the installation of street lights in the United States. New York-based EnGoPlanet works with Las Vegas by installing solar street lamps, converting traditional energy sources and developing sustainable and renewable energy.

Best Countries to buy solar systems at cheap price range

Solar power plant in the world

Operating capacity of photovoltaic systems at the end of 2011 was about 10 times that of the world total installed over 5 years ago, thus delivering an average annual growth rate of 58% between 2006 and 2011. Thin film market share (the first model of solar cells) dropped from 16% in 2010 to 15% in 2011.

Top countries in the field of solar power

The leading countries with the highest installed capacity by the end of 2011 were Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States. Once again, the European Union took over the market for photovoltaic systems because of Germany and Italy. Together, the two countries accounted for 57% of the new operational capacity in 2011. The EU has about 17 GW of installed capacity and has connected about 22 GW of capacity to the grid.

Solar Power Plant Grows Worldwide Solar Power Plant Worldwide

The total installed capacity of photovoltaic systems in the EU by the end of 2011 is 51 GW, which is about three-quarters of the total installed global capacity. This will meet the electricity demand of more than 15 million European households. In Germany, the total installed capacity reached 24.8 GW, which accounts for 3.1% of German electricity production (1.9% in 2010). Italy has set a new record, with 9.3 GW of photovoltaic coming into the grid, reaching 12.8 GW by the end of the year. Other top European markets include Belgium (close to 1 GW), UK (0.9 GW), Greece (over 0.4 GW), Spain (close to 0.4 GW, which dropped from No. 2 to No. 4), Slovakia ( 0.3 GW).

Discounted solar lights with high quality for export

The price of buying and selling solar lights in sensor-less and and with sensor models in the market is affected by many factors and conditions, the most important of which are the quality of these products. There are various ways of pricing this product, each of which has its own characteristics. Different types of solar lights are sold in a variety of ways. Among these methods are online and offline sales. Domestic solar lights are manufactured in large volumes, which in addition to meeting domestic demand, provide the opportunity to export them to other countries. Exporting solar garden lights has many benefits for the economy.

Who are the biggest importers of solar lights?

The global solar light market is expected to grow 19% in 2016 by 2020. The stunning global solar market is divided into fluorescent lamps and LED lights. The rapid growth of the solar solar lighting market is to meet growing demand, reduce the energy consumption of solar street lights and ensure the safety of residents. In 2015, the Asia-Pacific market share was 46%; Europe, the Middle East and Africa were 30%; the United States was 23%.

Most sold types of garden solar lights 2019

Three main types of solar power systems:

  •   On-grid
  •   off-grid – Also known as a stand-alone power system (SAPS)
  •   Hybrid – Solar power storage with grid connection

benefits :

  • Lighting and beauty while saving energy
  • Very easy installation with easy portability
  • Automatic, no need for power switch
  • Affordable, reduce the cost of wiring, electricity, switches and sockets, burning lamps and …
  • Use clean sun energy and save endless energy resources
  • Absolutely safe, without the risk of hot and cold, etc.
  • Waterproof, use safely on rainy days as well
  • Available in two exposure modes, Light and Bright
  • Lightweight, quality, durable and 12 months warranty

Uses :

Front door of houses, villas, parking lot entrance …

  • Lighting and decoration of roof gardens, pavilions and …
  • Yard and balcony lighting and …
  • Entrance lighting, complex areas, wall borders, etc.
  • Stairs and crossings
  • Areas where wiring and electricity are difficult to access
  • On top of mailboxes and iPhones …
  • Outdoor lighting such as parks, squares and …
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