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Solar Power Led Street Lighting Lamp Post PriceLamp Posts & Outdoor Post LightsIndoor & Outdoor Commercial LightingHow tall should a residential lamp post be?What is the height of a street lamp?What is the average distance between lamp posts?How many lumens is a typical street light?How many watts do LED street lights use?

Outdoor accessories in pendant designs, various sizes of high quality aluminum gardens of small, medium and large size and a price list are provided on this site in sunny colors and moonlight. Lighting is the most important part of park design or home lighting. Because in addition to providing ambient light, it gives a particular beauty to the environment. This allows families to use the parks and other environments at any time of the day. In this article we will talk about cheap lamp post. In this article we talk about Lamp post lighting manufacturer price.

Solar Power Led Street Lighting Lamp Post Price

Reason for using LED lamp
Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the beauty of the villa, the courtyard of the house and the garden. Customers usually want to use stylish and beautiful elements in addition to providing the lighting of their area, but the choice of a park and courtyard lamp should have technical specifications. And quality desirable so that they can be used easily in the open space without worrying about insect infestation and infiltration. You can buy outdoor lamp post from online stores.
Courtyard and courtyard lamps have different types and can have different names depending on their different applications or different heights, for example, environmental and park lamps are called garden lamps if they have short stands and if their stands The tall ones are called garden lights or park lights, which we will explain below. You can buy commercial light post from markets.
Garden lamp is a lamp designed for use in the backyard, green spaces and gardens that can make the outdoor environment beautiful and luminous. These products are also resistant to various weather conditions such as rainy and snowy weather and are versatile. High in model and design. You can find modern outdoor post lights in many markets.
A garden lamp usually has low-level stands because it is not suitable for use in small garden areas and yards and does not look good. You can also integrate a garden lamp in which case The head and base parts are interconnected and can not be detached, otherwise you can purchase the stand at a desired height and combine it with your own headlight or head. You can buy indoor pole lights from many online stores.

Lamp Posts & Outdoor Post Lights

What is a garden lamp?
A garden lamp can work with a power system that may not be cost effective, but you can use a solar garden lamp that requires no wiring and absorbs sunlight during the day. It slows and stores in its battery and uses the energy stored to illuminate the environment as the air darkens.
The garden lamp is usually single-branched and has a short pedestal, which makes its height proportional to the size of the garden plants and gives a beautiful look to your garden or home. You can find street lamp posts in online stores.
Park and garden lamps are a variety of courtyard and garden lamps used to provide lighting for parks, gardens, green spaces and villas. These lamps usually come in a variety of designs and can illuminate an environment, beautifying Of course, in relation to open areas such as parks or resorts, the use of a variety of park lights and gardens allows for the security of the area and families can easily use the park at night. You can buy solar led lamp post in many markets.
A garden lamp or park lamp usually has a long stand, which can be single or multi-branch stands, where customers can set their own headlights separately and mount on a stand of the desired shape and height. You can find garden lamp post solar in online stores.

Indoor & Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Type of garden lights
All kinds of garden lights and park lamps are made of stainless steel or aluminum dioxide sheets that use these metals in garden and park lamps building high resistance to dust, water and insect infiltration so can be They used it safely to provide beauty and lighting for the park, garden and villa.
One of the park lights that has recently entered the competition and has attracted the attention of many customers is the light beams. The body of this lamp is made of polyethylene plastic material, which is very flexible, so the light can easily pass through and create a beautiful image in its installation space, it should also be noted that during Beam rod This model has a variety of park lights, light, which has a great effect on their beauty.
The most important features of a variety of luminous park lights are:

  • LED light with custom color
  • Their long life and durability vary in different climates
  • Very light intensity and diffusion of light base
  • Outstanding beauty and unique design of all types of lamp base during the day and time of their extinction
  • Usable with UPS, Remote and UPS battery
  • Handle mountable low power lamp with maximum power of 60 watts in upper part of luminous park lamp

How tall should a residential lamp post be?

Types of LED lamps for the living room of your home
LED lamps with a variety of colors can transform the living room into a place to experience the best of moments with friends, family, watch TV and enjoy meals.
Here we teach you how to light your living room and make your home a warm and intimate living room. So that you can create a unique space by purchasing a home-made light bulb with good lighting and beautiful appearance.
Lamps and lights are nowadays an important element of home interior design. In addition, the type of living room lighting has a direct relationship with the feeling of comfort.
False ceiling lamps with a wide variety of colors also make your lounge space a warm and intimate environment. The classic style ceiling lamps are made of a combination of stainless steel and glass.
Since any type of lighting is not suitable for any kind of space, you should use appropriate space lights to keep your eyes from getting tired. Generally, for living room lighting, it is advisable to use a lighted ceiling lamp or a simple small chandelier.
We recommend that you buy a bulb LED lamp and a low light tear lamp to create a beautiful atmosphere. These lamps suitable for the living room have enough light for play, work and even cleaning.

What is the height of a street lamp?

Types of LED lamps for the yard and terrace
Using an LED lamp in the yard or terrace of the home is one of the best opportunities to relax and enjoy the nature. No matter whether your yard is large or small, beautifully lit LED lamps give you the best space.
Spring is the best opportunity to relax and enjoy a pleasant outdoor patio. No more worrying about the sunset and the darkness of the night and no reason to move indoors at night.
The best choice for backyard lighting is to buy olive oil lamps and fungi. With these lights you can design an outdoor space that you can use at any time of the day. The better and more durable your home LED lamp is, the more time you can enjoy in the garden or the courtyard.

What is the average distance between lamp posts?

The Benefits of Using an LED Lamp in the Backyard
Before buying a home LED lamp, consider the advantages of using an LED lamp.
Easy to install: It is very easy to use LED lamps and install them in the yard with a home balcony. In just 2 steps you can easily install LED lamps that have been approved by previous users. Assembly and terrace LED lamps are so easy to assemble that non-professionals can easily install them.
High quality: The use of daylight and LED lamps at night provide an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the garden all day long.
Regardless of the lifetime of the LED lamps, you can use them anytime and at any time. The high quality of the lights is evident not only in the consumables, but also in their performance.
High Diversity: Using a courtyard LED lamp, you can convert yard lighting into beautiful indoor lighting. Contemporary or traditional style courtyard or park lamps are a great option for any taste. All in all, the quality and design of LED lamps make your yard more beautiful.
Resistant to hot and cold weather: Another prominent feature of LED lamps is the durability and resistance to hot and cold weather.
Longevity: The lifespan of yard lights is more than ten years. So that it is possible to extend the lifespan of the lamps.

How many lumens is a typical street light?

Backyard & Terrace Lighting Ideas With LED Lamps
Indirect lighting makes your surroundings more beautiful by using indirect lighting. However, direct light is used for various activities.
One of the best ways to use indirect lighting is to hide the bulbs behind shrubs and shrubs, which is a great option for lighting fungi. You can also get maximum light by hanging the courtyard LEDs on the terrace wall. The important thing is to prevent the lights from being installed in places that directly hurt the eye.
Depending on the yard area, you should use a sufficient number of lights. Be sure to use a durable, high-quality LED home lamp to design your yard or terrace.
For better lighting and better security, use parking lights at the entrance to the car park and at the corners of the house. For example, purchasing a suitable wattage LED lamp such as using a 2 watt bulb and a 2 watt bulb with wall mounts next to the door will greatly improve security. One of the most widely used backyard lamps is the stand type. These lights will light up more space.

How many watts do LED street lights use?

Watts means the amount of power consumed. This means that a 100 watt incandescent bulb, for example, consumes 100 watts of power to create the amount of light you see. But, for example, an LED lamp that has a power consumption of about twenty watts can produce as much light and light as an incandescent lamp while consuming about one fifth of it!
The lumen (sometimes expressed as lm) is the unit of measurement of brightness produced. That is to say, for example, a lamp can produce thousands of lm of light. The larger the number, the more light the lamp generates.
Using the above, a lamp is better suited for less consumption (less watts), more lumens, and more light. That is to say, if you were hesitant to buy between two LED bulbs that are both twenty watts, choose the one that has the highest lumen.

Solar Garden LED Lights
Eco-friendly lighting is suitable for use in the dark for garden lighting. These lights were solar. This means that it is recharged in the daytime using the sun and at night it returns the energy stored in the light to the environment, so it no longer needs to be saved and consumed.
The solar LED garden lights are easy to install and light above the normal lights. These lights can illuminate the garden or pool area. This product has solar panels that absorb more sunlight. Each lamp has two pedestals that allow you to mount on a solid surface or put in the soil.
One of the notable factors in increasing the consumption of electric energy is increasing the level of lighting and expanding the lighting of the passageways. Therefore, proper design of the lighting of the passages and optimization of existing lighting systems can be considered to reduce energy consumption. However, due to the necessity of road lighting and for the purposes of city lighting use of LED light sources due to low power consumption, long service life, long life, high color clarity and … can play a role Play an important role in reducing energy consumption in the street lighting sector.

What is an SMD Lamp?
One of the most commonly used SMD lamp structures is the SMD (Edison) bulb. Same as the old incandescent bulb, made of aluminum head and a matte plastic bubble veneer. However, instead of aluminum in the bulb of the LED bulb, compact or ceramic plastic is also used. And reduce the effective heat transfer of the lamp.
Reducing heat transfer from the lamp causes the equipment inside the lamp to heat up and ultimately reduces the lifetime of the SMD lamp. So the best option for the bubble sms lamp is aluminum.
Availability, cheapness, high flexibility and the ability to blend in with other metals have been some of the most important features of this type of SMS lamp body. Also, due to the good heat transfer of aluminum and its laminating ability, it can act as a heatsink and prevent the components inside the lamp from warming up. One of the more popular structures of the SMS lamp is its projector shape.

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