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Lamp post lighting manufacturer : Street lights or street lighting, also referred to as lights, beams or street lighting, are called public lighting sources at the level of passages and public places. The lighting sources of the passages are mainly above the beams of electricity and today are mainly of the electric type. Park Lighting Stand is one of the equipments for lighting systems in urban parks and green areas and resorts. The process of illuminating these spaces should not only be standard in terms of technical specifications, but also beacons must meet safety, artistic, health, psychological, ergonomic and user needs. Street lighting in cities has long been a focus of attention and has been used at different times. Torches, oil lamps and gas lamps are older examples of street lighting. Streetlights need inspection and care, which is usually both preventive and difficult to detect.


classic lamp post :  As you know, a light is a device that is used for lighting, and if it is light intensity and long range it is called a spotlight, but generally there are different types of lights or lamps depending on the light. The basis of their use are different names, including courtyard and park lamps. If we look at the history of the lamp we find that from ancient times maybe 4,000 years ago a kind of lamp was used and it was later replaced by the mouse lamp and this process continued until eventually the incandescent lamp. We have come to realize that these lights come in many different types and are used in any place to suit their particular needs.

As you know, a lamp can have one or more incandescent lamps, and in fact when the lamp alone does not meet the optical requirement of a set, the lamp is used to mediate between the light source and the space and the mold. In some cases you may not need to use a lamp, for example if your lamp is small or its brightness is part of the idea of ​​lighting design, but in general, lights today Used in various locations and in addition to providing ambient lighting can play an important role in the beauty of the surroundings.

Outdoor lighting and park lighting are available in a variety of shapes and styles that customers can choose from depending on their location. An important feature of an optical flux control lamp is that it actually shows how much light or optical power is available from a lamp, so keep this in mind when selecting a lamp at any location. Keep in mind.

Front Door Wall Lighting

post modern lighting : Nowadays, attention to beauty of homes and interiors is of great importance and also try to use different elements such as decorative lights in interior design, as you know interior design means to harmonize different elements and components of a The environment for displaying colors, furnishings and other objects in a room or building is of course an artistic interior design and can be customized to suit every day’s needs and tastes. Decorative lights have different types:

  • Interior Decorative Lights
  • Decorative outdoor lighting

Nowadays, attention to beauty of homes and interiors is of great importance and also try to use different elements such as decorative lights in interior design, as you know interior design means to harmonize different elements and components of a The environment for displaying colors, furnishings and other objects in a room or building is of course an artistic interior design and can be customized to suit every day’s needs and tastes.

Decorative lamps with a small volume and high color variations are a great choice for indoor and outdoor use, not only to brighten the environment but also to create beautiful and eye-catching light effects. The production of LED lamps in the world is now progressing rapidly and their use in home decoration design is very common because of the use of different lenses in decorative lamps to adjust the angle of light emission as well as the angle of illumination. These features help to make decorative lights an important element in interior design.

Driveway & Garden Lighting

outdoor lamp post : The location of a light in space depends on a variety of factors, most important for outdoor and indoor lighting such as yard and park lights. First of all, it should be noted that yard and park lights are considered as a design element in order to investigate their number, installation and distance from one another. Second, if you want to use lights to illuminate a particular object or surface, lighting design should be considered an integral part of architectural design, which should be taken into account in yard and park lamps.

Lights are devices whose job is to protect the lamps and if you want to buy yard and park lamps, you should consider the manufacturer, lamp model, voltage and rated power, the maximum temperature they can handle, Consider the angle of installation, weight and dimensions of the lamp, and select the appropriate lamp for each location with special requirements, for example in the courtyard and park lights used in the open air and the possibility of snow and rain falling. There is wind and dust on them, and the light should not be picked up by rain or dust. You can visit our site to find out about the price of yard and park lights.

How to Size Post Lighting for your Yard

street light post : Types of street lamps are lighting suppliers that can be used as light sources in streets and passages. Street lamps or electric lamps can be used at passages and public places that provide both lighting and can provide the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. In general, one of the issues that has always been considered in urban design is the provision of lighting in streets, passages, green areas, etc., which has led to the placement of a variety of street lights in different orderly sections.

In general, street and street lighting can be used in a variety of ways, for example on some sidewalks, urban designers use floor and parquet lamps, which provide a gentle and pleasant space for pedestrians to pass through. In other areas, the use of low- or high-altitude lights is appropriate depending on the designer’s choice. Street lighting systems or street lights should not only be of high quality in terms of technical characteristics but also their safety, health, beauty and artistic aspects should be taken into account. In fact, a street light or a street light must have the following characteristics:

  • Average lighting intensity of passages in accordance with standards

In fact, the amount of light emitted from a street light or street light should be low or high depending on the location used. For example, on a highway, the use of lights with more light is recommended and the amount of light emitted should be such that Do not disturb the eyes of pedestrians and drivers.

  • The uniformity of light produced

These lights must emit light that is as uniform as possible so that they have the necessary coloration and no noticeable shade. Lack of uniformity of light distribution as well as direct positioning of the light element in front of the pedestrian’s eyes may cause harm to the eyes of drivers or passing persons along the route.

The height of the installation of street lights is very important in urban and interurban passages, and the higher the installation height, especially on highways and freeways, the convenience of drivers and occupants of cars is increased. The light emitted by these lights shall be such as not to injure the eyes of the driver while driving, and in the sidewalks the height of the lights shall be such as to provide both adequate light and no harm to the eyes. Street lights have different types:

  • Street Lights Without Lamps
  • LED street light

Traditional turtle lights have been used in the past but nowadays lamps are widely used and manufactured for different applications. Some models of street lamps are without lamps and with different types of mercury vapor lamps, sodium vapor. And metal halide can be used in different capacities, of course, but there are also different types of LED street lights that use less energy and emit good light into space.

Inside the building are LED plates with light emitting diodes that can emit light uniformly in space, and the presence of LED lamps saves both energy and energy consumption. Lights are long lasting and can be used safely in the streets and passages. LED street lights utilize high-powered LEDs that are cost-effective light sources that lack any ultraviolet radiation.

How to Place a Driveway or Garden Lamp Post

modern outdoor pier lights : Outdoor Decorative Lights: Decorative lights have prominent geometrical shapes that look beautiful and are one of the most important parts of modern design in specialized and decorative lighting. The exterior of buildings is important. Elegant and modern design of the decorative lights creates a classic atmosphere so it is appropriate to use the lights in hotel entrances, reception suites and conference halls. Also note that these types of decorative lights Outdoor use must be made of high quality, durable and beautiful metals so as not to lose their ability to resist natural agents.

Lights used in landscapes and parks Lights in parks are said to be very varied and have different colors, so in urban and park spaces one of the elements that have a significant impact on the beauty of the environment is outdoor lamps. Or park lamps whose task is not only to refurbish parks and amusement parks, but also to beautify the urban space, as there is a great deal of attention nowadays in optimizing parks and green spaces in order to properly illuminate these areas. It has special features and helps make use of parks and resorts any hour of the day. Provide a procedure.

Courtyard or park lights have beautiful and creative designs that make use of outdoor lights to beautify the passages and open spaces of the parks and the high variety of these lights has made them appeal to every taste. Therefore, the use of park and courtyard lights has expanded to include homes, gardens and private villas in addition to parks or government agencies. Aluminum and iron sheets as well as plastic materials such as polycarbonate, polyacrylic and polyamide have been used in the manufacture of courtyards and enclosures, and because of their specific use, these materials are of great importance.

Park and courtyard lights must be resistant to insect infiltration, dust ingress and snowfall and rain, so they must have high technical and quality characteristics in addition to their beautiful appearance, as well as the number of courtyard lights used in the parks. It should be high so they should have optimum power consumption. In this regard, it has recently been attempted to use solar energy to power outdoor lamps.

The Best Materials for your Outdoor Lighting

As you know, lighting in public spaces is very important because if there is no light, the security level in that area is lower, which is why parking lights are important, and as we said, these lights are of high quality. It is of the utmost importance, and it is best for the municipality and the park beautification agency to try to use solar lights to help optimize power consumption in addition to providing electricity.

  • Performance of solar lights

Park and courtyard lamps work by absorbing and storing energy during the day by solar cells and use this energy to illuminate the space as the air darkens, though some lights Solar parks also have a protection system that prevents sudden drainage of the battery, and when there is heavy rainfall during the day and insufficient energy storage, this protection system helps keep the solar lights on.

Popular Styles for your Outdoor Lighting

The level of illumination and the type of system chosen for the passageways (lamp base, light tower, lighting tower) are directly related to the importance and quality of the traffic, but other parameters must also be included in the design. These parameters can be industrial, commercial or residential status, asphalt features, roadside barriers such as trees and foliage, sidewalks and bicycles on either side of the road, Road side effects such as intersections, squares, tunnels, screws, etc., as well as the aesthetic considerations of the lighting system of the passage (lamp base, light tower, lighting mast) are noted. A good design, in addition to providing adequate lighting for the passageways, also saves energy.

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