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industrial lamp post | Different sizes of industrial lamp posts

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Manufacturing process of lamp postsTop 5 bestselling types of lamp posts20 Most Popular Industrial Post Lights for 2019How much does it cost to start producing lamp posts?Best lamp post suppliers and distributors in EuropeHow to become a professional dealer of lamp posts?Best buyers and consumers of lamp postsUrban Barn Industrial Outdoor Post Light FixtureFamous brands of lamp posts in EuropeBest way to purchase lamp posts with high discounts

A street light, industrial lamp
post, street lamp, is an elevated source of light on the edge of a road or
path. When urban electric power distribution became ubiquitous in developed
countries in the 20th century, lights for metropolitan streets tailed, or on
occasion led. Street Lamps and industrial outdoor post lights are architectural
Streetscape lights for the variability of a commercial street light post and
industrial illumination uses. Light up a patch pathway or other outdoor space
with industrial post light add beauty and elegance to your environment besides safety
and security. These industrial lamp posts are an outstanding source of enhancing
outdoor lighting and will offer years of reliable facility and attractiveness.
A wide variation of balls and lamp heads are available to give your industrial
lamp post lights an exceptional expression.

Manufacturing process of lamp posts

The manufacturing process of lamp
posts are not the same for every kind of lamp post but there are some identical
procedures such as; sending a simple draft and creating the 2D and 3D CAD
executive in order to proceed to the engineering of the lamp and the comprehension
of the sample or model and then the completed product. The usage of software
for three-dimensional modeling, interfaced with the decision-making design, permits
to gain the replication of the product and to enhance the production. The next
step relies on design staff, thanks to the know-how experienced workers in this
section who work carefully with lamp post designers turning ideas into
executive projects, prototypes into finished products, always ready to receive
new challenges and finding new and dazzling resolutions. The last but not least
step goes for laboratory equipped with equipment and test instrumentation. This
allows manufacturers to check the agreement of the necessities of the
international technical reference standards and to carry out the controls mandatory
by the quality systems during the processing steps. All finished lamp posts
come in aluminum and steel light pole types including square steel poles and
round steel poles in regular and tapered varieties.

Top 5 bestselling types of lamp posts

The lamp posts have been enlightening
our homes, workplaces, and buildings since Thomas Edison invented the first luminous
lamp in the 19th century. Two centuries after, the lamp posts have seen wonderful
development and significant improvement regarding efficiency, quality of light,
density, and energy conservation. Even though, we still carry the basic image
of a lamp post in our mind; the lamp posts are available in different forms,
sizes, voltages, and material. the popularity of Solar lights and lamps ranked them at the utmost top of the best-selling types of lamp posts.

Through efficient solar-powered expertise, solar light is easy to install as no electrical wiring wanted. Automatically
turn lights on at twilight and off at dawn with a built-in light sensor. All kinds
of solar lights are water-resistant and they have overcharge / over-discharge
protection. It is greatest to mount the solar lamps in an area that receives full
direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours a day. top five best-selling types of lamp posts are as followings;

  1. Large Outdoor Solar Powered LED
    Light Lamp
  2. Solar Lamppost with Planter and anchor
  3. Outdoor LED Solar in Ground Light
  4. Aluminum Solar Lamp Post
  5. Garden Solar Lamp Post

20 Most Popular Industrial Post Lights for 2019

The first thing about buying Industrial
Post Lights is that this is a situation where paying more is sensible, except
you want to change your lights every year. That’s particularly true of Industrial
Post Lights. On behalf of most people, solar lights are best for Industrial
Post Lights, but anything attached to the exterior of the street is probably better
off being wired.

The best Industrial Post Lights
to brighten up roads and streets are wall-mounted lamps for larger spaces, with
string lights or fairy lights for further down the road-path. These can be kept
up all year round. Another great option is to get a load of detached solar –lamp
posts and leave them on tables, hanging from tree branches. Industrial Post
Lights are the classic choice for driving in the road to illuminate or
highlight pathways. These are usually solar-powered so ensure they get at least
some sunlight during the day, so they can be useful at night. If you possess or manage a factory
or manufacturing plant, no suspicion you want industrial lighting that’s safe
and dependable, and helps your workers work more efficiently. There are five
common types of industrial lighting types used nowadays;

  • Halogen

In a halogen lamp, light is produced via a wire filament surrounded in a quartz tube, inside which is pressed halogen bromine or halogen iodine gas that reacts with the filament. These lamps burn bright and white and are frequently active in floodlights, headlights, and bur lighting. One benefit presented by halogen lamps is their aptitude to produce a powerful beam of light that can be concentrated on a precise area or product. Another advantage is their variety: halogen lamps come in different elegances ranging from floods, reflective spotlights, and mini-can bulbs, to double-ended quartz, single-ended quartz, and parabolic aluminized spots.

  • Incandescent

Of the five lighting types on this list, incandescent is the utmost common. These are old-fashioned light bulbs: electric current passes through a lean wire filament, the filament warmth up, and white light is formed. Incandescent bulbs only last 500 – 1,000 hours and aren’t as effective as other industrial lighting resolutions, but they’re low-priced and useful, with usage in almost any lighting environment: general, supplementary, and ornamental.

  • Fluorescent

With a lifetime of 12,000 – 24,000 hours or further, and a maximum yield of 105 LM/W, fluorescent lighting is exceptionally long-lasting and effective. In actual fact, they use a fifth of the wattage that incandescent bulbs use, but last 20 times extended. The structure of a fluorescent bulb is a bit more compound than the other resolutions on this list. In ordinary people’s terms, fluorescent light is the creation of an electric arc passing through an inert gas.

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

High-intensity discharge, or HID lighting, arises in three disparities: mercury, high-pressure sodium, besides metal halide. One of these gases is pressed and blocks an inner tube, through which an electric current passes. This process generates light and a remarkably powerful light at that. Though they take a few minutes to grasp full brightness, HID lighting is a high-quality choice for outdoor lighting, overall lighting, and countryside lighting.

  • LED

Above the last decade, LED lighting’s approval has amplified tenfold. Similar to fluorescent lighting, LED proposals high efficacy and a long-lasting lifespan – so long-lasting, in reality, that some LED bulbs and diodes can last for up to 100,000 hours. Also, distinct from other lighting options, LEDs don’t burn out and stop operating – they just become blurrier after years of use. Another big advantage of following an LED lighting solution is its eco-friendliness. LED lights have zero poisonous chemicals, as opposed to fluorescent light bulbs which encompass several different materials, some of which are dangerous for the atmosphere. And last, of all, LED lighting is becoming a progressively good venture, with many LED systems paying for themselves within two years

How much does it cost to start producing lamp posts?

One of the most important metrics
to consider when to start producing lamp posts is the amount of your budget. The
good news for starting is this: there are a lot of options at all price points.
During the early development of the City, street lamp posts were not an urgency as
compared to other critical services, such as water, drain, and roads. As expansion
has advanced, and traffic and population in the City have increased, street lamp
posts have become more of a priority. The City now requires installation of
street lamp posts by developers for any new development projects in the City.

The cost of producing lamp posts varies
from style to style. In addition to the manufacturing price, each light
requires $2,000 to $4,000 in installation costs if you want to involve the installation guide. The final cost of each street lamp post is between
approximately $5,000 and $8,000 depending on the particular style. The cost of
starting producing lamp posts in areas of new development is paid by the
developer and passed on to new homeowners or business owners in the purchase
price of their property.

Best lamp post suppliers and distributors in Europe

Lamp-post suppliers and
distributors in Europe are provider and exporter of energy-efficient LED
lighting products, made by famous companies. their product includes street
lamps, industrial and office lighting bodies, floodlights, lamp tubes, bulbs, and spotlights,
etc., intended to substitute the old luminescent or fluorescent lighting. their brand has been present on every European market for years, during which time they
have developed their nature through state-of-the-art and fresh ideas that faultlessly
match the wishes of their clients. According to statistics best lamp
post suppliers and distributors in Europe are as followings whose products are
widely used in the project of street lighting, landscape lighting, industrial
lighting both in domestic and abroad.

  1. Germany
  2. Italy
  3. Belgium
  4. Spain

How to become a professional dealer of lamp posts?

How to become a professional dealer of lamp posts?

The only way to become a professional
dealer of lamp posts s to learn the tricks of the trade, get a manufacturing
dealer license, and apply for a role as a lamp post dealer at your nearest
land-based manufacturers. Training courses and workshops are a great way to
gain a deeper insight into the industry, but top tips from expert dealers
around the world are bound to help too. Learning know-how techniques from a leading
manufacturer of lamp post which producing fixtures that; are thoughtfully
designed to absorb the lowest amount of energy possible, individually
hand-crafted, and are capable of being installer-serviced in the field are useful
tips as well. The result is an exceptional quality of dealing and selling products.

As a preferred lamp post supplier,
your organization should be committed to growing the business and market areas
of qualified lighting designers, certified installers and dealers nationwide
with a full suite of complete training materials that provide all aspects of
lamp posts products, installations, applications, marketing and so much more.

For being a good dealer of lamp
post your focus should be on your customers. You should align all business
objectives with the impact on your customers in mind. You have to build long-term
customer relationships through your commitment to understanding your customer’s
needs, concerns, and aspirations to deliver superior performance.

Best buyers and consumers of lamp posts

It is every marketer’s goal to
get inside the head of a consumer. You want to understand who are the best
buyers and consumers of lamp posts and how you can get them to make a decision
to purchase your product or service. There are 5 steps in a consumer decision
making the process a need or a want is recognized, search process, comparison,
product or service selection, and evaluation of the decision. All in all, lamp post
consumers come in a large variety from gardeners to driving policy, all are
consumers of lamp posts.

Urban Barn Industrial Outdoor Post Light Fixture

Light up a garden pathway or
other outdoor space with Urban Barn Industrial Outdoor Post Light Fixture makes
your home an enjoyable place to live. A galvanized finish gives Urban Barn
Industrial Outdoor Post Light fixture a vintage look. Via Urban Barn Industrial
Outdoor Post Light Galvanized Steel Outdoor Post Light Add a classic
country-industrial look to your outdoor space with the galvanized steel post

Famous brands of lamp posts in Europe

A lamp post is far more than just
an old-fashioned object in your home because, with the right illumination in
your home, you can create just the right atmosphere. Most brands have created a
range of lamps in their assemblies that obviously look harmonious together. For
example, Foscarini has launched its new series, which is available as a suspended,
floor lamp, stand lamp, building lights lamp, and wall lamp. Quality and design go hand in
hand, consequently, you will catch some of the most recognized brands in more
than 4000+ different design lamps. There are as many as 90 million
lampposts in Europe, according to the EU and three-quarters of them are over 25
years old.

Best way to purchase lamp posts with high discounts

The best way to purchase lamp posts
with high discounts is by seeking your post lamp through wholesale post lights
markets.  A wholesaler is your number one
choice for all of your wholesale lighting needs with a low and efficient budget. wholesalers
carry everything you need for any industrial style outdoor lighting to modern
street light, and commercial garden lighting to building lights, no matter how
small or large it may be. If you are an electrician, a commercial owner or a
landscaper, wholesale markets understand that you need commercial lighting that
is both durable, long-lasting and chic to add function, utility, and appeal to
your space. This is why wholesale with high-quality products is not only long-lasting but looks great at a low price. Most lamp post Wholesaler suggestions
street lights and industrial style outdoor lighting is accessible in a diversity of
diverse styles and sizes. The modern street light best fits your garden and the courtyard is within reach as well. All of the stylish street lights primarily use in adding enhancing light to a residential neighborhood, parking lots,
mansions, estates, mansions, or farms.

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