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How Much Electricity cost to Run the Street Lights?How Much Does LED Landscape Lighting Cost?LED's Bang For The BuckWhat Is Flood Lighting?Number of FixturesGarden Light Solar suppliers


Today, with the advent of technology, there has been a major shift in the field of lighting systems production, which is one of the most important issues in the distribution and sales of solar lamps.At present, this type of lamp has become popular and as a result the market for this product is booming and marketed. Or decorative solar lamps, one of the types of solar lamps that are used for yard and The lamps are suitable. They have an ultra-low-power LED lamp without the need for electricity and batteries, and with 4 solar panels embedded in Garden Light Solar, Save the light energy inside the battery in the daytime and use when the light is on.

How Much Electricity cost to Run the Street Lights?

Street lighting and general lighting are crucial for safety in all residential complexes. Parking lots and roads should be uniformly lit because it creates a sense of security. Although lighting can be a small part of a residential complex’s electricity bills, it is a very important aspect for the welfare of residents. With the recent increase in electricity bills, the management committees of several residential complexes have begun to think of different ways to reduce electricity bills, and interestingly their primary purpose is lighting. So we’re thinking about coming up with different options for street lighting in different places.

The high pressure sodium lamppost can absorb 1,000 watts, and a filament light used in the 1900s required 320 watts.
According to the US Department of Energy. In the US, some LED streetlights require only 73 watts and produce a better light quality.The fluorescent lamps were used in the street lights from the 1950s to the 1970s, but due to their low reliability and size, they replaced the high pressure sodium lights with 250 watts. A metal halide lamppost absorbs 400 watts and reflects true white light. Mercury vapor lamps also appeared in the 1950s, with 100-watt bulbs used in street lamps, but were banned in 2008.

How Much Does LED Landscape Lighting Cost?

When you are thinking about the cost of an outdoor lighting system, you want to know more about the cost of installing it. Do all these lights break you? That is a good question, and I can answer it easily, maybe more than a cup of coffee? Because more than one large cup of your favorite caramelized cappuccino, you can work your outdoor LED lights for a month. How much does LED landscape lighting cost? To understand it better, let’s compare it with the outdoor lighting options.

Landscape lighting options today

Traditional incandescent and halogen lamps are still used in landscape lighting. But they are ineffective compared to other offers. Most of its energy is used instead of light. A typical average halogen lighting system works for about $ 25 a month. Most homeowners pay for beauty to provide professional beauty, safety and protection for outdoor lighting. In general, filament lighting has not changed since Thomas Edison invented the first lamp in 1879. For him, creating light at that time was something interesting. But now we have higher expectations.

What illuminates the LED landscape.

The invention of Edison’s filament burns and heats a piece of wire called a filament to emit light. Heat creates the source of light. On the other hand, this is a great drawing of electricity. It is an electronic device that is emitted when an electric current passes through it. One of the great benefits of outdoor lighting: it does not produce so much heat, so it requires very little energy for the amount of light produced, only a fraction of the electricity produced by an incandescent lamp. Uses low-voltage outdoor LED lighting 15-20% of our electricity is used with halogen or incandescent lamps. This means very low energy bills.

So what is the cost of LED landscape lighting?

Choose LED lighting and pay about $ 5 a month for your electricity bill. My clients with the largest and most extensive LED systems pay about $ 20 a month. In my own home, I went from 800W with my halogen system to 130W with my LED lights. It is almost the same energy consumption that leaves two incandescent bulbs with 60-watt bulbs lit for 5 hours a day. And that’s all my output to create a full front-to-back view with LED lighting. (Surprised? Most people). Beyond saving on energy, our well-designed LED garden lamp post solar lighting systems provide more light with more efficiency than incandescent and halogen lamps.

Then you get a lot of beautiful light for your money.

What is the cost of landscape LED lighting? Of course, this is different, but thanks to a more durable product, a sharp reduction in power consumption and low maintenance, using low-voltage LED lighting in the design of the Pro Lightweight Pro Pro can actually save you money. And that means there are more caramel cappuccinos for you. Learn more about outdoor LED lighting in your landscape.

LED’s Bang For The Buck

The emitting diodes (LED), small colored lights available in all electronics stores, prevail in modern society. They are lights for music equipment, car dashboards and microwave ovens. The numerical screens consist of LED radios in clock radios, digital clocks and calculators. The LEDs also find communication applications to transmit short-range optical signals, such as the TV remote control. They have even found their way in jewelry and clothing: watching parachutes with a series of flickering colored lights that adorn the edge. The inventors of LED had no idea of ​​the revolutionary element they were creating. They tried to make lasers, but in search of a lamp replacement.

Lamps are actually wires that connect to the power supply. They emit light as the cable heats up and emits part of its thermal energy in the form of light. On the other hand, a light, instead of producing heat, radiates by electronic excitation. Diodes are electric valves that allow electricity to flow in only one direction, just like a unidirectional valve in a water pipe. When the valve is “on”, electrons are transported from a region of high electron density to a region of low electron density. This movement of electrons is accompanied by the emission of light. As the electrons cross the boundary between layers, known as the junction, the light will be brighter. This phenomenon, known as electromagnetism, was observed in early 1907. However, before working with LEDs, cleaner and more efficient materials must be produced.

LEDs developed in the post-World War II era. During the war there was a great interest in materials for light and microwave detectors. In this investigation, a variety of semiconductor materials was produced and their interaction with light was investigated in some detail. During the 1950s, it was clear that the same materials used to detect light could also be used to produce light. AT&T Bell Labs researchers were the first to exploit the light-producing properties of these new materials in the 1960s. The LED was a precursor and a byproduct of the laser development effort. Small colored lights were of particular interest to the industry because they had advantages over similarly sized bulbs: LEDs use less energy, have a longer life, produce less heat and emit color light.

What Is Flood Lighting?

What are flood lights?

Flood lights are the most popular type of outdoor lights. Flood lights are generally used to illuminate large areas. You have probably seen some types of outdoor globe post lighting, for example street lamp post heads in the city are also some kind of flood lights. The definition of floodlight can be as follows: A led post light bulb used primarily for outdoor applications to illuminate larger areas at night. What makes flood lights so popular is the amount of light they can produce, suitable for lighting large areas such as stadiums.

Why is it called the flood light?

Square reflectors measure broad-beam artificial lights. Usually they do not glow in the outdoors, while an outdoor sporting event is held in dim conditions … Several high power reflectors can have lamps for lamp maintenance and dynamics.

Floodlights include the use of high-powered bulbs to illuminate a huge outdoor space. This kind of lighting has been around forever and you also want to have a good amount of electric current. Flood lighting can be broadly classified into 3 categories: facade, main location and additional assembly. Each type has its own theme and in addition the challenges that need to be prescribed. Some examples are provided, installed and maintained.

Where flood lights are used

Flood lights are mainly used outdoors, but you’ll also see flood lights in larger indoor areas such as arenas. The most common place where people use flood lights is around the house. Flood lights are a good source for outdoor lighting and range from a few watts to a few hundred watts. Flood lamps are excellent for comfort and safety in lighting the dark areas around the house. It is common to use flood lights to illuminate security cameras in the dark, or to scare unwanted people and animals away from the backyard. Many people use flood lights to illuminate doors at night. Flood lights with motion sensors are used in these situations. In addition to the individual use of the home, floodlights are also used in much larger areas. Some of these areas include:

Sports grounds
Driving directions
Internal and external sand
Many other great areas

Number of Fixtures

This input data is for the following calculation:

Length of the office area: 20 meters; Width: 10 meters; Height: 3 meters
The height of the ceiling to the table is 2 meters.
This area is illuminated with 32-watt CFL twin lamps with a SHR 1.25 lamp with a 32-watt CFL twin lamp.
Each lamp has an initial output (efficiency) of 85 lumens per watt.
The lamp retention coefficient (MF) is 0.63, the utilization coefficient is 0.69 and the space height ratio (SHR) is 1.25.

Calculated in 8 steps
1. The whole truck:
Total number of bulbs = number of bulbs x watts per bulb.
Total voltage of the accessories = 2 x 32 = 64 watts.

2. lumens per piece
Lumen per luminaire = light efficiency (lumens per watt) x watts per luminaire
Lumens per lamp = 85 64 64 = 5440 lumens

3. Number of accessories
Number of accessories required = luxury required x room / MF x UF x lumen per section
Number of items required = (250 20 250 10 250) / (5440 69 69/0 63 63)
We will need 21 disciplines.

4- Minimum distance between each device
The height of the ceiling to the desk is 2 meters and the height ratio is 1.25, then:
Maximum distance between accessories = 2 25 1.25 = 2.25 meters.

5. The number of rows needed for accessories along the width of the room.
Number of rows required = room width / max. Distance = 10 / 2.25
So the number of rows needed is = 4.

6. Number of items needed per row
Number of items needed per row = Fixed number / Row number = 4.21
Therefore, we have 5 accessories per row.

7. Axial distance between each accessory:
Axial distance between accessories = room length / number of items in a row
… and it would be: 20/5 = 4 meters

8. Transverse distance between each device:
Transverse spacing = Room width / Number of elements in a row.
And this would be: 10/4 = 2.5 meters.

Garden Light Solar suppliers

The wholesale sale of cheap solar lights below the whole market is done by some centers such as manufacturing companies and wholesalers. This product has a high sales in Iran and is being sold daily. Where are the Solar Lights Shopping Centers? What factors affect the price of these products? How is this product produced and distributed? Here are some helpful tips on how to release this product.

In the current situation, there are many applicants who are willing to take effective steps to buy directly from the factories. In this regard, different forms of solar lights are available to the buyer at the lowest price. In this way, naturally, the health of the goods does not change, and the quality remains the same. On the other hand, we see the prices set for them in the same way. What this means is that, at
The stable equilibrium prices do not fluctuate. In this way, the buyer sees his preference to go to the manufacturer to deliver his desired goods, ultimately delivering high quality and high quality as well as direct delivery. And pay for the bulk of their receipts.

Buying directly from the manufacturer’s factories can save money. The manufacturer of street solar and garden lights has always tried to make the best of these products, in terms of size and design. These products are also exported and are being exported from Iran to other countries. For this reason they have been given the title of best used raw material in their manufacture. So this is how, when this credit goes out on the world market, all countries are calling for these lights. Suppliers distribute this product throughout the provinces and cities of the country.

In the end, it is the suppliers who have been able to supply solar lights to various parts of the country. We also saw a lot of cheap lamps in this category. Solar lights are a very popular product among different people. In the market of this product you can see the top manufacturers of solar lights that own the best brands in Iran. The best brands of this product are manufactured for all locations, with all the features and specifications as well as existing standards
Solar lights are one of the products to choose from. Selling the best model of lamp on the market is remarkable and in order to get the best brands it is necessary to go to the best production centers of this product. These products have different prices. The factory that manufactures this product locally owns well-known and well-known brands.

Manufacturer of solar lights in Iran is numerous and each with its own brand. The best materials and equipment have been used to produce this product and new models have been introduced by the designers.

Products manufactured and supplied by this company include the following lights:

Home Solar Lights
Solar courtyard lights
Solar Park Lights
Solar garden lamp
Solar courtyard lamp
Solar LED lamp

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