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Unique Outdoor Post Lights For SaleWhat are the pole light fixtures?How to install pole lights ?Pole Mounted Light Fixtures With Affordable PricesDevelopment in pole light production in recent yearsWorld's best exterior pole light producers 2019Post lights with different sizesWhat are the best post lights for streets?Outdoor LED Light Fixtures At Lowest Price RangHow tall should a residential lamp post be?

The shape of the polar curved light emitted by the light and how it is installed is important for users ‘ convenience. The polar curved vertical curve of the light distribution of lamps that provides light at the wide level should be between zero (under light) and a maximum of 75 degrees and will have at least radiation at the higher angles. This feature is also important for glare-induced control and lighting system performance. The manufacturers should provide the technical specifications of their headlights in terms of brightness of headlights and backwards and isokendel and isolux curves in both vertical and horizontal screens. Otherwise the design is difficult and often has errors. In this article we talk about exterior pole light fixtures.

Unique Outdoor Post Lights For Sale

Not only is the lighting system in terms of technical specifications should be technically sufficiently technical, but also in terms of safety, ergonomics, health, psychology and art also meet the needs of users. Street lighting and basic types of street lighting must have the following specifications:

  • The average intensity of the passageways is consistent with standard recommendation.
  • The light spectrum must be tailored to the design areas to have the necessary coloring.
  • Brightness uniformity should be kept as much as possible and do not create a significant shade.
  • Do not put light sources on the pedestrian or rocket. Curve led distribution Light text with the location used.
  • Ergonomic and artistic aspects of design are adhered to.

The height of the installation of lights in urban areas and even between the city is very important. The higher the height of the lamp installation, especially in freeway and freeway, the convenience of drivers and drivers becomes more convenient. This requires the use of higher optical resources and more energy consumption. Technology advances have been somewhat resolved by this problem, as today, the use of lights 400 to 1000 w lamp is common for aspects of user comfort and safety. In the current segmentation based on the optical power of limited height resources suitable for mounting lights by lighting engineers. The following topics are presented to the United States. You can buy outdoor lamp posts and led post lights from online stores.

What are the pole light fixtures?

In the past, polar lights are used to provide street lighting, but nowadays street lights are very widespread by the creators and can be designed by any designer for any purpose. The lamp’s light factor and short lifespan have long been used in Nsytnd clear passages. Even fluorescent dimming lights are not used due to the limited power in the streets ‘ lighting. Mercury or metal halide lamps are suitable for streets and alleys, especially for commercial areas because they have acceptable coloring. The lights are a high-quality orange-orange sodium lamp for the main highways and highways, especially due to the light spectrum. The brightness intensity on the horizon surface at each point is a functional passage of the total algebra of the relative illumination intensity of the adjacent resources. Although remote optical sources are only relatively effective, but according to a general rule, only the intensity of the brightness caused by two beams is calculated near each side of the point in the pass. You can see outdoor lamp post replacement parts in websites. 

How to install pole lights ?

For the installation of modern outdoor post lights in the garden, wiring and drilling gardens is not necessary, you can use it easily and according to your needs and use any way. Install it, just make sure that the light is exposed to sunlight. Are largely like a lamp yard and a wall lamp, where they are installed on the main pipe. These street posts are popular in terms of lighting and lighting options in parks, spacious villas and large hotels. These lamps have a relatively large onion and diodes, especially on large courtyard enclosures and large villas are installed. These lights are less decorative and most of the outdoor post lighting in the region is important. Decorative lamps were found in different headlights. One of them-the courtyard lights, they buy a high percentage. This bulb is one of the most decorative lamps because it has a modern and stylistic design and is placed in open spaces such as parks, gardens and halls, but not its lights. It has a decorative aspect in the space and makes the location beautiful.

Pole Mounted Light Fixtures With Affordable Prices

The bulb’s brightness coefficient depends on the lamp characteristics and distance ratio from the point of view of the Subbeacon to its height. The advantages of lighting in the design of the passages also depends on the beam distance because the beam distance is the indicator of a domain that an adjacent source and resources should be provided for its surface lighting and the magnification of the dimensions means the size and volume of the design. Are enlarged and limited. There is a decrease in light density. The specification is extractable and is determined by the horizontal distance-point ratio in the light range along the crossing of the perpendicular line under the bulb to the height of the line. If the chart is not specifically available, the lamp should be set. Use the same chart. To determine the level of brightness of the lamp, you need to specify the distance between the forefront of the lamp and the sub-lamp to the height of the horizontal axis of the chart and continue the intersection points with two curved graphs on top of the vertical

Development in pole light production in recent years

The manufacturers must provide technical information necessary for their own production lamps. Otherwise, the plan will be problematic. The minimum required information includes the following:

  • Dimensions and sizes of lights.
  • Lamp specifications are used.
  • Lighting in various situations.
  • Curve of horizontal and vertical axis based on the height of the specified installation, which for other installation modes must be the curve correction coefficient known.
  • Brightness coefficient curve on the street and sidewalks.
  • LED Optical power at work start.

The lights height of the light, the intensity of the lights and the distance between the lights determines, as the power of the headlights mounted on a beam, the cone density is higher beneath it. The street light post at higher altitude can clarify a wider range by maintaining proper intensity. It is important to pay attention to the form of light distribution poles in horizontal and vertical axes as well. The lamp installation should be carefully addressed.

World’s best exterior pole light producers 2019

Lamp Park is one of the most essential urban furniture equipment in the field of lighting equipment produced by Tom Tal Engineering Co., which has been a period of attention to urban managers. Outdoor public has an effective role that is inevitable for families who go to nature parks overnight. In addition, other equipment used in parks and outdoor spaces in these environments will also be visible under the base light of the courtyard lights. In addition to the beautification of space, light helps provide security and makes traveling with any system and location easier with the lighting system. Today, artificial light source has expanded its products and a variety of lighting systems are manufactured and supplied in a wide range of applications. Every space depending on its environment requires a certain amount of light.

However, if it is closer to the natural light source, the brightness of any artificial light source will be better and healthier. Today, outdoor lamps are designed to fit the type of location, light and beautiful efficiency. Many people like to have the right light and the elements of stylish and up-to-date elements, in addition to having outdoor lighting also give this area a bright and impressive effect. Outdoor lights as determined in many places such as yard, park, garden and garden it used to be.

Post lights with different sizes

Each one designed to adapt to a wide range of environments, each has its own technical specifications and quality, because the production of outdoor lamps is designed. Therefore, some of them have good quality and have superior properties such as resistance to penetration of any dust, insects and rust. If you are careful, courteous headlights have basic foundations, each of which has a short, medium, and high heights. Short pedestrian lamps are known as garden lights and long Persian pedestrians are known as park lights and gardens. There are a variety of headlights under different titles such as bulletproof, accent, burial (plain and curtain), flute, balloon, cloth, wall, etc. Most of these designs are due to the type of exterior lighting and exterior lighting design. For example, a bullet light is called a bullet bubble. And landfill lights are known for how to install them as levels. Among the lamps mentioned above, Poth and Boulard lamps have a short base and are usually lit in sidewalks.

What are the best post lights for streets?

First of all we need to know what is the yard’s light and why it is used. Outside lamps are lamps and lamps that are placed in a large compartment in a variety of ways to help with its aesthetic lighting. It is a very comprehensive definition that almost all of the products in this field will be included. If you want to study the topic professionally, you should know the role of the help lights. For park lights and yard lights There are several maps, some of which are:

  • Lighting: This is the simplest and most basic work of any kind of light that can cause light production. These bulbs may be standard lamp lamps, or may be used in the manufacture of advanced LED bulbs.
  • Lighting and beauty: This program is mainly dedicated to lights and lights used for the beauty of the region and its lighting. For example, clarify the interiors of a garden for weddings or annual celebrations.
  • Tips and guidance: Outdoor headlights are small headlights that are placed on both sides of a track and are used to guide guests and strangers to large hotels or council gardens.

Outdoor LED Light Fixtures At Lowest Price Rang

If you decide to buy the courtyard lights and still have not fully set your final option, you should try to answer a few questions to determine which lights are the best option. Things like lights installation location, the number of lights used and the type of headlights selected are the ones that should be addressed here. The next thing to note when selecting these lights is to select the purchase method according to the features and location of the project. You usually have two ways to buy online and in person. Each of these approaches will bring you different advantages and disadvantages depending on your experience. Online shopping is like using a secure traffic store to provide your equipment. This way you can see a variety of products, read their specifications, and compare to each other at the end. The biggest advantage of this method is that you see several options and compare them with each other. So without being under the influence of the seller’s marketing process, you can easily buy your desired product without any hassle.

How tall should a residential lamp post be?

You should find out how to buy the street lights and how to install it. Some will go for street lights and Villa lights for their villa, and others make their choice for parks or public location like hotels. If so, you should follow the instructions below:

  • If you want a beacon for public location, park lamps are designed to be the best option for this purpose.
  • If you are looking for a villa for your personal villa style, there are outdoor lights and yard lights.
  • If you want to install or hang the lights on the wall, a park pendant and a wall mount lights are the best option.
  • If you want a lamp for the entrance of a large enclosure, a headlight and a tube lamp are suitable for you.

If you are thinking of buying an outdoor lamp online, be sure to buy from reputable e-commerce stores; be very sensitive about your choice of lamp and tailor it so that you will not regret the next steps; If you have a relatively small enclosure, try to consider issues such as the amount of light and the amount of electricity consumed that you can use in the long run. Although solar powered lights do not consume much energy and contribute to your capital return in the long run, keep in mind that they are not recommended for small spaces and residential areas.

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