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commercial outdoor post lights | Complete buying guide for post lights

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Iron and steel post lights for outdoor usesCan we use post lights in indoor decoration?Best lights for lamp posts with high brightnessNewest models and designs of outdoor post lightsCommercial Decorative Pole Lights At Cheap PriceGlobal export data of post lights 2019Decorative & Post Top Lamp Posts On Global MarketDo Iranian manufacturers have cheapest products?LED lights with big sizes for outdoor post lightsWholesale price range of commercial Iranian post lights

Nowadays there are many producers of commercial outdoor post lights. Light pole and lamp post lights are a dominant fixture in outdoor commercial lighting design. In fact, aluminum outdoor post lighting can be found lining urban boulevards, illuminating nature trails or on the patio at your favorite cafe. you can find commercial lamppost lights to suit any project. The majority of line of pole lighting is offered in single and double arm and shade configurations to achieve the practical light source required of each project. In addition, commercial pole lights come with custom options including 3″ or 4″ diameter size options for aluminum light posts.

Iron and steel post lights for outdoor uses

As a whole we can say that there are two types of post lights that produce in huge volume, Steel and Iron. While lanterns were usually made of corrodible iron in former times, many producers of outdoor lights nowadays opt for aluminum. This metal, that was already known in ancient china, has crucial advantages over iron: not only has aluminum only a third of the weight of iron but it also takes on a thin oxidation layer that protects it permanently from corrosion.

Before manufacturers succeeded to make the far cheaper zinc resistant to corrosion by adding titanium, aluminum sheets had been used for facade and roof elements as well as for gutters. By alloying this metal and magnesium or silicon, the material gains a strength that equals that of steel in every way. As aluminum is difficult to weld, the manufacturers use both gravity and die-cast techniques.

Can we use post lights in indoor decoration?

As a whole I have always been in two minds about indoor lamp posts, and lucky me, I have been given one as a present this year. Now I’m looking for some inspiration as I have completely no idea how to incorporate it into my current home decor. Seems like the only place is the hallway, somewhere next to the console.
This lamp looks like a street lamp, but it’s actually a smart option for an indoor lamp. It ‘s in the shape of a post with a small lantern on the top. It will bring your room a feeling of the old world.

Lamp posts are traditionally seen outside the house, so putting them indoors creates a new and exciting feel. Complementing rustic homes as well as the more modern styles and designs, indoor lamp posts are a great feature for many homes and can be very attractive and appealing to both those living in the house and also your guests. Here are some designs you may like to consider in advance if you’re thinking about purchasing one for your home. there are some most common designs of indoor lamp posts such:

  1. Arched wall lamp: Rather than buying a stand-alone lamp, a slightly different style to consider are the indoor wall lamp posts. These are often cheaper, and while there is some more work involved to affix them to the wall, they can save a lot of space and create a warm and brightening effect. This may be a style where a horizontal beam extends from the wall, with a further curved beam bending around the wall for a less harsh shape.
  2. Multiple bulbs: An indoor lamp post may have more than one light bulb, which is ideal if you want something which can provide a fair bit of light. Some lamps are used for creating the warm softer tone for the evenings, while others are required to give off much more light for a larger room. Indoor lamp posts which have 2-3 bulbs are more strong and bright than just one, so this is definitely something to consider.
  3. Single wall lamp: Taking up less space than most of the other styles you’ll see, including the arched wall lamp, a single wall lamp is a lovely way to have the outdoor lamp feature inside your home without taking up a lot of space. You can fix a single lamp to the wall around 6-7 feet up from the ground to allow easy reach of the switch.
  4. Grandfather clock style: If you’re looking for something traditional yet different, consider the grandfather clock style. Rather than being just a lamp, it has a light but also boasts a rustic style of clock. It then has the design of an outdoor lamp post for the actual post, so you’re able to achieve the outdoor lamp post effect but inside the home and with the extra features too.
  5. Thin post style: This is a version of the traditional black outdoor lamp post style but is much thinner to suit the modern and contemporary tastes. It is also less ‘chunky’ or ‘blocky’ than some of the other styles, so it is able to fit well within homes which have more defined or thinner furniture. Often made from metal, but occasionally made from wood, this style may be found most commonly in black and white, but some supplier will custom-make them in a color of your choice.

Best lights for lamp posts with high brightness

Solar street light lamp posts are an ideal outdoor lighting option for your front or backyard, porch, driveway, lawns and more. These lights are affordable, easy to set up, and with their old-fashioned streetlight-like appearance and the soft white glow they emit, will add a warm, welcoming, homely ambiance to your property every night of the year.

Perhaps the best part of all is that they are fully solar-powered, which means no wires, no external power source or batteries, no ongoing maintenance, and no power bills. You just these lights up outside in a location where they will be sure to receive plenty of sun exposure, and the attached solar panel will spend the daylight hours collecting solar rays, automatically charging the battery, so that when night falls it has the power to deliver a full night’s worth of light to your property’s exterior.

Install your solar street light lamp posts and forget about them, nature does all the hard work. This is outdoor lighting that’s at once effective, effort-free, economical and Eco-friendly; it really ticks all the boxes. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the best solar street light lamp posts and lights currently out there.

Newest models and designs of outdoor post lights

When you have the best outdoor lamp post light, you not only enjoy perfect lighting at night, but you make your home look better. With so many premium models from Nuvo lighting, it is quite easy to choose the best. This one features a black textured finish which can blend with different outdoor decor. You can as well use it indoors. Also, it features a high-quality design that is UL certified.

With 100 watts power consumption, this is a powerful outdoor lamp which is ideal for various applications. The poised design makes it look amazing, and it blends well to any decor.It boasts cast aluminum casing which is weatherproof, beautiful and extremely durable. The glass is tightly sealed and is robust to protect the LED component inside. And, it comes with all necessary mounting hardware to allow straightforward installation.

The ETOPLIGHTING outdoor post light features an extremely charming design. It offers a polite expression of a beautiful exterior.  It features a luxuriously looking matte black body finish. As well, it features an elegant beveled clear glass body which can complete your home’s exterior decoration. It is quite versatile as you can decide to install it the front or back entryways. Likewise, this can be a perfect addition to the porch, deck, balcony, and patio.

This fixture boasts strong aluminum die-cast and an incredibly strong beveled glass. Moreover, it uses one incandescent or a compact fluorescent bulb. It comes with mounting bracket and necessary screws for hassle-free installation. The beveled glass and the aluminum housing possess an airtight bond to make this fixture totally waterproof. The oil rubbed matte black finish makes this fixture extremely elegant. It can blend with any decor excellently.

If you’re searching for the best outdoor lamp light that will transform your outdoor space into an epitome of elegance, the GS-106PL will do the trick. It is solar powered and therefore is energy saving. Thus, it represents a perfect replacement for gas-powered and electric outdoor lighting. In addition, it allows you to show off well-decorated flowers and foliage all the time.

Commercial Decorative Pole Lights At Cheap Price

Nowadays there are many manufacturers that produce different types of commercial decorative pole lights at cheap price. Post top lights are the crowning feature of any outdoor landscape or streetscape. When added to a park or walkway, post top lights illuminate landscape elements as well as improve safety by providing a uniform ambient light that increase visibility for pedestrians. Pole top lights can enhance an overall outdoor design. Coming in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, post top lights can represent the overarching style of outdoor design. Post top lights are ideal for streetscapes, parks, green spaces, campuses, and gathering areas.

Some of the most reputable brands have a myriad of post or pole top lighting solutions. Featuring HID or LED lamp sources, heavy-duty aluminum housings, optional decorative finials and optional controls, our post top lamps are the perfect exterior lighting solution. For a more traditional tone, choose a classic design like the TRR Traditionaire or ACN/ARC/CLB Generation Series. Each of these outdoor fixtures features the traditional character with updated styling and superior photometric performance.

If the design requires a more modern twist, pole top lights designed with an organic look are the InVue Arbor or MSA Mesa. The Invue Arbor is inspired by nature and harnesses the energy-efficient light of LEDs. Many of the post top lights have accompanying bollards and other matching lights to present a whole area uniform designed lighting solution. Whatever kind or style of luminaire you are looking for, these companies have a decorative post top light that can illuminate and express the style of downtown spaces, parks, campuses or gathering areas.

Global export data of post lights 2019

complete analysis of the post lights market is been done in a intelligence report. It includes the investigations done of the past progress, present ongoing market scenarios and future prospects. In this particular market report an accurate data of the products, strategies and market shares of leading companies are mentioned clearly. this report shows that global export of post lights in 2019 is increased than last year. you can find the exact volume of global export in some reputable internet websites. Key Players in this Industrial Lighting market are:

  • Philips Lighting Holding
  • Emerson
  • Osram Licht
  • Cree
  • Acuity Brands Lighting
  • Zumtobel Group
  • Hubbell Lighting
  • General Electric
  • Lumenpulse Group

Decorative & Post Top Lamp Posts On Global Market

Every year some institute issue some reports about global market of different products such post lights. Global Lamp Posts Industry research report studies newest Solar Lamp Posts aspects market size, share, trends, industry overview and Solar Lamp Posts development during the forecast period (2019-2024).

The study report widely demonstrates several aspects which are very significant while observing global market on a minute level which contains analysis over arise of Solar Lamp Posts industry along with year-on-year technological advancement, industry environment and evolution rate over the years.

‘Solar Lamp Posts Market 2019-2024’ provides facts and numbers regarding the market size, geographical landscape and revenue forecast of the Solar Lamp Posts market. In addition, the report emphases on key obstacles and the latest development plans approved by foremost companies in this business. A number of Solar Lamp Posts manufacturers and businesses are analyzed in the report considering their business and manufacture operations.

The report comprises of fundamental details of their raw material sources, industrial developments, distribution networks, manufacture processes, methodologies, plant locations, production capacities, estimating structure, value chain, industry supply chain, and product specifications. The study tends to contain all necessary details concerning Solar Lamp Posts production and development through said explorations.

Do Iranian manufacturers have cheapest products?

Generally speaking, due to the depreciation of the Iranian currency, the prices of these products, including street lights manufactured in Iran, have fallen for export and can be easily exported to other countries. Over the past year, the exchange rate has been so uncontrollable that everyone traded fearfully or held hands for sale, but then the exchange rate declined and many commodities declined.

Currency prices may fall over a period of time, but again, a different approach will be taken, which is why resistance is usually lower. If the exchange rate remains stable for a long time, the commodity price will certainly fall and reach its true rate. These expectations are not true, because the goods in the Iranian market are manufactured at the previous exchange price and one cannot expect to sell them cheaper.

Reducing or increasing the price of a currency requires at least three months to affect the final price of a product. For example, if we place an order within the same time-frame when the exchange rate is low, we will ship that order at least three months later. Unfortunately in Iran, some people bought their raw materials in cheap currency, but as soon as the price of the currency increased, they raised the price of the commodities, which damaged consumer confidence. Be determined, some problems will be solved.

LED lights with big sizes for outdoor post lights

The ideal choice for welcoming guests to your home with a big pop of
charm, outdoor post lights and lampposts provide the perfect blend of
style and practicality. An outdoor light fixture delivers amazing value
and versatility.

You can use some big stylish outdoor post light
to add safety and beauty to entrance ways, walkways, pathways and more.
These unique, attractive lampposts are a popular choice among landscape
designers who want to be able to play into the one-of-a-kind style of a
particular garden or outdoor living space while adding an extra layer of
security and safety at night.

Properly placed driveway lantern
posts will help guide you, your family and guests home at night or in
bad weather. They are particularly useful for steep, curved or tricky
driveways or when you or other drivers are feeling fatigued. Outdoor
pole lights will help walkers find their way safely while also adding to
the beauty and value of your property.

Good lamppost lighting will make
everyone feel more safe and secure outside your home, whether they are
friends, family or visitors, so they can really relax and enjoy
themselves. All big outdoor post lights include a best-price
guarantee, free shipping and easy returns to ensure you’re completely
pleased with your quick, convenient and affordable online shopping
experience. it is mentionable that parking lot light pole height is not the same in every where.

Wholesale price range of commercial Iranian post lights

As a whole you can find wholesale price range of commercial Iranian post lights in some famous online stores. Nowadays in the lighting industry, specializing in the need for various applications of lighting and lighting, the introduction of high-performance new and multi functional lamps, the optimal management of energy consumption and the necessity of using various systems (smart, solar, lighting design …), lighting engineering services, Is needed more than ever.

Therefore, some industrial companies in the electricity and lighting industry, as the first and largest manufacturer of lamps in the country, in addition to supplying the most diverse basket of street lamps, has added technical-engineering services to its product portfolio. you can check update wholesale prices of some products such, outdoor lamp posts, outdoor post light fixtures, led post lights, residential light pole, double post light and steel light pole price in these websites.

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