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What are lamp posts made of?Commercial long lasting light posts for saleBest manufacturers of lamp posts in EuropeWhich European countries have cheapest products?Iranian best lamp post manufacturers and exportersLamp Posts For Commercial Spaces with beautiful modelsLuxury lamp posts for gardensWho are the biggest importers of lamp posts?Newest ways for finding commercial lamp buyersWholesale price range of commercial lamp posts

A post lamp or electric lamp is an artificial light source that comprises a light source and mechanical and electrical components such as bubbles, connectors, and actuators such as capacitors, etc., which are housed in a glass or plastic chamber, and They help convert electrical energy into light.One of the popular types of outdoor lighting is the post lamp which has many variations. High light is known to be mounted on a pole, ideal for lighting yards and patios. There are also miniature versions of these outdoor lamp posts that are usually suitable for accent lighting. Other types of lamps are known for their low cost, because they use LED or solar lights. These can be small or large posts, depending on their purpose in the yard.The commercial lamp post  manufactured in our company are designed with advanced design for highway and highway lighting. Features of these lights are durable, durable in harsh environments, high degree of protection and adjustable lamp position to achieve a variety of light emission.

What are lamp posts made of?

outdoor lamp post lights have been around since ancient times and often bring antique touches to any courtyard. Although this type of light usually adds light to the landscaping, the focal point of a full lamp post typically illuminates the area. For this reason, many people put one or two of them in front of their yard so that visitors can see where they are going. sentry lamp posts can also leave their yard around as a strange alternative to harder floodlights, as they often leave much light in the area without staring at them.
While full-size outdoor bulbs usually place a dim light bulb, miniature lights usually pursue other purposes. Shorter outdoor posts can be positioned along a path to guide visitors as they walk, or they can be used as markers when approaching remarkable amenities like fascinating plants and interesting sculptures in The yard contracted. Homeowners can place just a few in their yard for subtle lighting, or they can combine several groups to create more light post in one area.
Although many outdoor lamp posts may seem old, the age of oil and gas lamps is long gone, and many types of technology nowadays are used that are quite modern. For example, some lamp posts use solar energy to create light and use daylight to illuminate the lamp at night. This type of lamp eliminates the need for the post, meaning it can be placed in any corner that receives direct sunlight. Another way to save money on a power bill is to use LED bulbs in the exterior lamp posts because this type of light is very inexpensive. It is also long lasting, which usually means that the lamp does not need to be changed so it may be a regular lamp.it can be mesured by lamp post diameter.

All our products are manufactured through raw material inspection, production, aging test and pre-packing check.Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and water-resistant test.Any size, any color, any materials and shapes available just place your order through our site.

Commercial long lasting light posts for sale

post Lamp Production Company is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of this industry, and as a professional company we have our own manufacturing plant which is capable of producing the best and latest high lamp and lamp products.
Benefits of our store:
1. A wide range of standards and materials for your choice.
2. Sample can be provided.
3. OEM service.
4. 10 years of high quality production and service.

Our products include outdoor lights and commercial light fixtures is available in our website. The company, as the first post-lamp manufacturer to be certified, produces these lamps.
Our research unit, is responsible for adapting the lights to world standards and obtaining relevant certifications.we also make best
base for lamp posts.

Best manufacturers of lamp posts in Europe

With the development of life, people are in the process of demand and productivity. High quality modern street light are made. Common height of outdoor lamps Lamp lamps are 4-12 meters. The cone lamp pole is more common and is installed on the side of the road. This is due to the lighting of the road used to support the lamp pole. To buy the lamp post visit our online store and choose the best product by comparing the products. Contact us to place an order.

Our post-lamp production team was established by applying up-to-date knowledge to meet some of the needs of the electricity industry. The company has been able to meet the needs of its customers in the field of lighting industry by attracting specialized and efficient personnel and by becoming one of the leading manufacturers of low-end lamp lighting products.
Due to the country’s increasing need to save the electricity industry and the community’s tendency to use low-power electric appliances, the lighting industry is focused on producing all lighting equipment using LED technology. All products use the highest quality And they are produced with the latest technologies available and therefore have a very long life span.
Our company has a strong relationship with the owners of dykast, metalworking, pressing, molding, electrostatic paint line and multiple assembly lines. It is able to mass produce all kinds of lighting lights at different capacities. , Moonlight, pet lamps and all kinds of lighting equipment.
Our lighting team continues to be a pioneer in the field of innovation, with experienced personnel specializing in industrial design, mechanics, electricity, photometry and computers, and electrical equipment and laboratories. You are precious consumers. We hope to take a small step towards generating post lamps with the support of dear consumers. Contact us through our website and phone numbers.

Which European countries have cheapest products?

For post lamps, a particular appearance and size is determined by the specific requirements of users. It can be widely used on the main main and secondary roads of the city, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and so on. Depending on the height and location, the normal diameter is high and the low diameter can be either a conical lighting pole or separate lighting poles based on custom lighting poles. Lifetime can be up to 15 years. Contact our consultants for the best product advice.

What are the Benefits of Our Online Store?

  • Professional R&D design team and advanced equipment.
  • Years of industry experience make us one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.
  • We quickly understand customer needs, providing you with quality solutions for mailing.


Iranian best lamp post manufacturers and exporters

In the lamp post system, the light gets brighter when the light is opened. When the light goes out, the light gradually darkens, preventing sudden changes in brightness to stimulate the human eye, buffering the eye and protecting the eyes. It also prevents the impact of sudden high current and high temperature changes on the strings, protects the lamp and extends the service life.
A deeper understanding of life, soft light can have a good mood, less light to aid thinking, and bright light to create a warmer atmosphere. This operation is very convenient. Lighting and dimming can be done by holding local switches. We can also use the central or remote control to adjust the brightness of the light just by pressing the buttons. To have our products just contact the numbers on the site.

Lamp Posts For Commercial Spaces with beautiful models

At our post-lamp manufacturing company, there are full-time staff to maximize customer satisfaction. We attach great importance to quality in the production of post lamps. It is important for us to deliver the best and highest quality brands to our customers. We have done our best to make your loved ones’ fantasy of genuine goods easier. Goods that you may spend a lot of time and effort on finding, such as post lamps that are now easily assembled in our collection.Our customers have specialized in supplying, trading and distributing the best single-touch street lighting poles in the past few years. Our single open street lighting poles for high brightness, high power and high quality we recommend you to visit our products online.
Lamp Post Features:

  • Provide adequate lighting
  • It works automatically
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Very durable
  • Beautifully designed

Luxury lamp posts for gardens

A street lamp or post lamp is an integrated optical light that uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) as its light source. Street lamps are known as integrated lamps because in most cases, the lights and all the components used are integrated and do not separate. During production, the LED optical cluster is attached to a panel and then assembled into a LED panel with a heat sink (heat-lowering lamp) to produce an integrated spotlight.

Post lamp usage:
1. Assist in urban yard roads, residential roads and sidewalk lighting.
2. For landscape, yard lighting is used.
3.Applied to solar and wind lighting.
4. Use in mines, ships, machinery and other lighting.
5. Replace energy-saving lamps, non-electromagnetic lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps without replacement of main holder.

Who are the biggest importers of lamp posts?

Post lamps There are several designs today that connect different types of LEDs to a spotlight, which is used for both high-voltage and many low-power LEDs. The appearance of LED street lights depends on several factors, including LED configuration, heat exchangers used in LEDs, and aesthetic preferences.
Heat sinks in street LEDs have a design similar to cooling in other electronic devices such as computers. Heat sinks should have as many slots as possible to facilitate the flow of hot air into the LEDs. These thermal areas directly
The post lamp lifespan is determined by the brightness output compared to the basic design specifications. If the brightness of these lights drops by 30%, it will be clear that the LED street lights are coming to an end.

Newest ways for finding commercial lamp buyers

Nowadays, due to the increasing trend of power consumption, different types of lamps are becoming more and more popular due to their high efficiency and low power consumption. The main reason for using street lights is high energy efficiency compared to other street light technologies. However, research is still ongoing to increase the efficiency of LED technology. A street light typically consumes half of the power of a traditional technology street light. Normally a lamp post does not burn. Rather, the percentage of light decreases slightly over the years. This decreasing process continues until the light needs to be replaced.
One of the disadvantages of LED products in the recent past was their relatively high price. This price gap has been declining due to technological advances and mass production of these products. Hence the trend towards LED street projectors is showing an increasing trend. On the other hand, some disadvantages of other light sources, such as metal halide projectors, are increasing the popularity of post lamps. Visit our post lamps for a well-lit neighborhood.

Wholesale price range of commercial lamp posts

It is worth noting that since an LED street light usually generates less light, it is important to design the light so that the light pattern is properly distributed. The correct distribution of light means that different LEDs are arranged in the frame so that each of them is pointing in the right direction.
One of the disadvantages of LED street lights is that a higher percentage of light is directed to the street and less light reaches the sidewalks and other passageways. This can of course be remedied by the correct design of the body of the lamp and lens.
Here are some of the benefits of post lamps manufactured in our company:


  • Very low energy consumption
  • Use the best and highest quality LED chips with high exposure power
  • Use of aluminum alloy frames
  • Ability to select sunlight or moonlight
  • Ability to be installed on street or highways depending on the model
  • Very low power consumption compared to gas lights
  • Light distribution according to lighting standards
  • Installation at different distances and heights
  • Using symmetrical lenses to distribute light evenly
  • Ability to adapt to solar and solar systems
  • Advanced LED Driver with stable current, high power factor and low THD pollution
  • Durable coating in harsh environmental conditions
  • Firm structure and aerodynamic body
  • Long Life Spare Parts: The predicted lifespan for LED street lights is about 10 to 15 years, which is two to four times the life of ordinary lights.
  •  No UV rays
  • Eco-friendly: LED street lights do not contain lead and mercury and do not release toxic gases if broken or damaged.
  • Less insect absorption at night: The reason why insects are attracted at night by traditional lights is to emit ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation in LED street lamps is much lower than traditional street lamps.
  • Reduce the glare effect
  • Shutdown and fast start and stop: Unlike other lights, it reaches maximum exposure immediately after it is turned on. As a result of a sudden shutdown, there is no problem in restarting.
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