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Best garden light companies 2020

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How are outside garden lights made?How to test durability of outside garden lights?Are outside garden lights expensive?Which garden light can be used in interior?How many types of light are there in the market?How much does it cost to outside garden lights?

How much we have to pay for outside garden lights? Do these materials good for designing outside? The Outside lights are one of the most important components when you want to get the outside of your home ready, but, finding the quality types of these materials also can be difficult too. In this article, we suppose to mention the best garden lights and the most common type of garden light here. So, follow to the end.

How are outside garden lights made?

What is garden light? Well, the outdoor standing lights play an important role in the whole area as they brighten the spaces as much as other important components. the shopping and trading of these products became popular recently and there are thousands of personal and public usages of these products in the whole world. Generally, lampposts or post lights contain a various group of lights and brightening materials which have to use in different places. These products are a category of modern and contemporary styles that are produced by different companies and producers. Producing such lighting outdoor posts are known as commercial experiences that are done by expert companies and active factories in this field. 

You surely have seen thousands of these products in the whole streets, parks, gardens, back yards, roads and … the appearance of these lighters depend on the style and culture of the cities too much, for example, the more traditional streets might use the traditional, contemporary, or classical ones while the newly constructed ones use more modern and newer lookouts of these products.

The used raw materials to produce these lighters can be varied due to the accessible materials such as:

  • Copper
  • Iron 
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze

Manufacturing the outside lights are the same as other light productions but there is a difference between the cover of these lights. The outside standing lights have to be applied on a long metal leg and a special box to cover the lamp from external issues. The high quality garden light is often made of stainless steel because of its long time working and good appearance.

There are thousands of different appearances of these lights in the whole companies and customers can choose them according to their interests.

There are different types of post lighters and different application to use, as a reminder, outdoor standing lighters mostly use for outdoor of your home, work-space, and your recreational houses. Also, the used raw materials to produce such productions can be different according to the company and customer orders. Some of these outdoor post lighters are included in:

  • Solar pedestal lights
  • Outdoor pillar lanterns

These two different types can be used at the same time. 

How to test durability of outside garden lights?

Generally, using metal materials can be costed more than other raw materials but they can work for a long time. So, testing the durability of outside lights have to examine by professionals and engineers in producer companies. Garden lights have to be strong to work even in different weather conditions such as storms, rain, snow, and …  The related engineers in exclusive company sections test the quality of the lamp inside the main structure of covers in terms of being resistant and … If it scores a considerable level, go for packing and spreading. 

The metallic materials have their exclusive properties and can be used for different conditions; these conditions count by the weather condition, the place of installation, and the number of post lighters. 

The head of the lighters have a bulb which contains a lamp into itself and a sharp head that is known as lids and cover the inside of the bulbs as well. The led lamp post head is the best idea for outdoor lighters because they are low consumption lights and can use a lower level of energy. So, it is important to use Led ones because they are turned on all the time, especially, the nights. The lamp of the bulbs has to change if they damage. 

Solar lamps mostly used for decorative items inside the Led lamps which can bright the whole spaces around itself. These products have different shapes and designs due to their type of application. As its name, the main source of charging of these lamps is the sunlight during the day. However, the time of brightening the sunlight is longer the lamp will be better charged. The exact time of charging is between 8 up to 10 hours in a day. 

The design of some of these lighters is a combination of traditional and modern appearances at the same time. This affects to suit many types of interests and styles as well. Shipping the lighters is one of the troubles of owners, especially, the customers who use the post lighting in their back yard, garden or greenhouse. So, containing the shipping property to move the post lighters easy when the people want to move on from a house. This is known as an option for these products. Moreover, the moveable post lighters are traded at higher costs too. 

Are outside garden lights expensive?

Make dealing with stainless steel post lighters is done in hundreds of the areas at retail or bulk volumes. Imagine how many lighting pedestals have to be prepared and install on a street, in accordance with the exact length of the street or how many numbers of lighters need for a park to bright the whole spaces of this place as well. Being expensive is one of the problems of this type of light and the customers prefer to install lower prices to lighten the outside. The best garden light seler is the ones with more variety and available market. Being cheap or expensive is a matter for customers and they attend and search about all of the store prices and finally choose one, especially, these days that the internet became a very useful and accessible device in our lives.

If you want to be achieved and succeed in your business, you can do right things to give a better result:

  1. Place your store in the closet area to the customers with easy access
  2. Create an online website with online shopping area for customers who are far away or other cities
  3. Offer your products sometimes or specify a special date for this offers to increase your trades
  4. Charge three or more styles and models of each product for every kind of interest
  5. Take services such as after-sale service to attract customers’ trust

There are offered great ranges of post lighters in the whole markets or at least the markets that want to realize the customer requirement as well. Attend some of the factors when you want to choose the lighters. Being windproof and waterproof are two important factors that all of the garden lighters have to contain. Here are some good offers for choosing the type of lighter:

  • Electric pick
  • Lightweight lighters
  • Storm-proof lighter
  • Solar lighters
  • Fuel pick lighter

 So, it matters to estimate the needed numbers of pedestals and choose the appropriate model. How much the models are newer and more modern, the prices are higher too. Actually, dealing with the modern styles of these products can make problems too, for example, it matters that the customers do not want to pay considerable money for this process while these steel lighters are trading at higher costs. Moreover, you have to attend the brand and producer company you choose for purchasing.

Which garden light can be used in interior?

As you know, our power life has been started from the lamp and light invention. Without light, our daily activities and our whole life will face thousands of problems. So, power is a strong and important parts of our life. If you look around, you will see that everything has to be worked only by power and electricity flows. So, it is important to save this powerful source of energy for the next generations.

Solar lamps can be installed indoors and outdoors of the house or any covered places such as official buildings, residential departments, schools, hospitals and … The commercial light post and its types are the best choices for these places that need to use the power and light the whole time of day. Solar lamps of outdoor and indoor of your intended location have differences with each other. First of all, outdoor solar lamps mostly shape bigger than indoor lamps and provide more electricity capacity to lightening those spaces. Inside that, indoor solar lamps contain better appearances than outdoors and organized by more slim and elegant lamps to design the house better.

s it said before, in public places and spaces with lots of commuting and people walk those paths more than thousands of times in a day. In these routes, the level of lighting and the way of installing the lamps are too important and have factors and observations which the installers have to attend enough.

These installers make exact distances of the lights attending to the different factors and participants which are included:

  • Designing the intended spaces as well
  • Making the level light stable
  • Providing the safest items for public

So, by observing these factors, the average distance between each lamp will be approached and after that, they start to install the lamps. There are thousands of articles that point to the exact distances, but in this article, we do not suppose to mention any exact number, we only mention the averages. The meters of 35, 40, 45, 180, 185 are the most common averages between the lamp post distances due to the type of space, for example, the main streets need too far distances from each other because the space is not too much wide and the numbers of lights will make these places bright. But highways and wide roads need lower distances to make thee places lighter and brighter as the width of these roads are too much.

How many types of light are there in the market?

If you visit the online shopping websites of power and electricity tools, you will see the separate classify of indoor and outdoor products as they divide into two groups, in these websites, all of the details and options of the stocks are completely registered on the boxes and customers purchase the best-required tool after reading the whole descriptions. Solar lamps have to places under the right sunlight to charge fully, so, it is important that where you install your solar lamps. If the chosen place has no more sunlight the lamp will not work as well as it designed.

You might ask yourself “Where is a garden light market near me?”, Well, these market lines are not in the public shopping centers, you need to visit the exclusive market lines that are active in trading hundreds of outside lights such as:

  • Modern outdoor post lights
  • Outdoor lamp post
  • Street lamp posts
  • Indoor pole lights
  • Garden lamp post solar

Each of these places requires a kind of level of brightening during the day, especially, at nights. So, you can see solar lamps in different situations, for example:

  • Workhouses or companies which need a lot of light
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Celebrations 

How much does it cost to outside garden lights?

Preparing outside lights from Iranian stores at cheap and affordable prices can be accomplished by websites and some mobile software and applications if you are not located in this country, likewise, more than hundreds of such centers located in different areas.


As a reminder, modern products contain a range of new style or appearance of the produced commodities that are different from other ones. Recently, the modern style of all products became popular and customers purchase them.


Actually, the modern style of the products makes a new and stylish outlook for your appropriate place. This is right about the modern post lighters too. The modern outdoor pedestal lights produce by some of the stylish metal materials such as steels that make a good appearance of silver color and modern design.


The design of some of these lighters is a combination of traditional and modern appearances at the same time. This affects to suit many types of interests and styles as well. Shipping the lighters is one of the troubles of owners, especially, the customers who use the post lighting in their back yard, garden or greenhouse. So, containing the shipping property to move the post lighters easy when the people want to move on from a house.


This is known as an option for these products. Moreover, the moveable post lighters are traded at higher costs too. You already can understand this evolution by seeing the commodities and their lookouts. Post lighters are no exception to these roles anymore. The appearance of these products is developing by great and sometimes wonderful changes just pursuant to the customers’ interests. In 2020, thousands of new and modernized styles of different commodities are walking to the market and people change their interests according to this great change.

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